Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013

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Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013

When it happens: February 21 – March 22 2013

Where it happens: Various venues in Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013 was launched in 1973 to provide venue for artists in a broad spectrum of performing arts, classical music, theater, opera, and popular entertainment exposed to less familiar media. The festival was also launched with the goal of providing cultural counter-balance to Hong Kong’s frenzied financial centers and bustling shopping districts.

The festival has been attended by an audience of more than 150,000 as of last count. Local, regional and international classical and contemporary artists have shared their talents and crafts to a worldwide audience for the last 40 years. Some of the prominent performers and artists were Yo-Yo Ma, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Paris Opera Ballet, the People’s Art Theatre of Beijing, Wuppertal, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Stuttgart Ballet, the Vienna and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestras.

About the Event:

The Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013 will feature acts of Asian and local artists alongside world-class performers. Performances will include musical, operatic, dance and theatrical numbers, and more contemporary forms of popular entertainment like percussions and hip hop. The events will be held in various venues all over Hong Kong city, and will run from February 21 to March 22 next year.

Apart from guest performances, the festival itself produces and publishes artistic works in theatre and multi-media and arranges showing on subsequent tours.

Some of the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013 highlights include:

  • Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ricardo Mutti
  • An opera in four acts titled “Einstein on the Beach”
  • The Wild Boar
  • Show Flat
  • Hamburg Ballet
  • La Traviata by Verdi
  • Australian Chamber Orchestra conducted by Richard Tognetti
  • Teatro di San Carlo from Naples
  • Tinariwen or Music Nomads
  • Percussion Recitals
  • Series Re-runs

All 166 performances that will showcase 38 group and solo performers will be conducted in 17 different venues in a span of 31 days. The more notable venues are the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the HK Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong City Hall, and Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

Travel Tips:

Pack up formal evening wear and some business casual outfits if you intend to attend any of the classical and contemporary performances during this cultural festival, particularly if you love opera and classical music.

Don’t forget, however, to set aside a pair of good walking shoes appropriate for exploring the various throbbing shopping districts of Hong Kong and its beautiful and rugged countryside. Or, for more sedentary tourists, take a ride in Hong Kong’s tram train to get a panoramic view of the island and its various bustling districts.

Final Thoughts:

The Hong Kong Arts Festival 2013 is a choice gathering of local, regional and world-class talents in this part of Asia, a once-a-year opportunity for regional tourists to enjoy top-end performances without leaving home that far. More important, this is an opportunity for the arts aficionado to enjoy classical and contemporary performances in one sitting.

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