The Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2012

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The Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2012

 When: July – September

Where: Hong Kong



Hong Kong prides itself as the center of ‘East Meets West.’ Once a small fishing village until captured by the British at the end of the First Opium Wars, Hong Kong has risen to the top to be one of the world’s busiest financial and trade centers where economic freedom is paramount. In some circles, Hong Kong is recognized as the global center of trade. To encourage this free-flow of goods, services and investments, Hong Kong adopted a zero-tariff policy on imported goods except tobacco and wine. As a result, Hong Kong is one of those few places in Asia where shopping is truly tax-free.


About the Event:

 The Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2012 hk shop 300x225 The Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2012

Different goods are bought in different shopping districts, as each one has their own specialties.


  • Tsum Sha Tsul is a progressive high-end shopping district famous for the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong, Harbor City. Name-brand luxury items can be found here: LV, Ferragamo, Prada, YSL, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Burberry and Hugo Boss are just some of the dazzling designers that would delight shoppers with money to splurge.


  • Central is the business and financial center of Hong Kong. The Galleria Square is mecca for shoppers with affinity for Italian brands, although Tiffany, Channel and LV have their places here. Queen Road has its share of gold and silver jewellers.


  • Causeway Bay is where late shoppers can find their dream bargains as stores are still open until 10PM. Causeway Bay has its share of electronics and gadgets, leather, cosmetics, and mid-level to high-end designer items.


  • Sham Shui Po is where all things electronics converge and where shops cater to all budgets.


  • The Jade Market in Kowloon is the gem central. The Chinese believe that jade wards off evil and protect them from harm, and even bring them prosperity.


  • Mongkok caters to the young, so all things fad and fashionable are here. Shoppers bound for Harbor City may raise an eyebrow, but Mongkok apparently enjoys wide appeal to younger audiences. One exception is Nathan Road which glitters with jewelry items.

Travel Tip:

Shopping is not just an act of buying in Hong Kong. Given the ocean of choices laid out before them, travelers who come here for both shopping and vacation are likely to get overwhelmed by the wave of sensory stimuli that one usually gets from a densely compact city (think 13 million tourists). Hence, they are best advised to not rush through shopping, but instead consider it a form of recreation itself. Hong Kong reveals itself in small perfect moments if travelers take it a shopping block at a time.


Final Thoughts:

With zero tariff on all goods (except tobacco and alcohol), the Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2012 is where shoppers of all credit card limits should go before they hit credit floor.

Wish you all a Super Shopping Experience this year in Hongkong Shopping Festival 2012..!enjoy well..!

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