Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda

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Whirlwind of Colours and Emotions in Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda

            Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda is perhaps the most famous beach that lies on the coat of Atlantic Ocean. The sand of the beach displays a pure white colour and fine texture. It is also equipped with a lifeguard station to ensure the safety of tourists. A café is also available if you want to purchase lunch. In addition, several facilities are included such as foot-washing areas, showers, and toilets.

How to Get Around

A shuttle bus may be utilized to transport beachgoers to the nearest bus stop and is available from 11 AM to 6 PM. The government also provides tourists with a special bus service that leaves every 15 minutes. The service is available from 12 PM to 6 PM. If you ever miss the special bus, you can still go home with the regular buses that come every 45 minutes and are available until 10 PM.

Activities and Events

One of the many activities that tourists enjoy in Horseshoe Bay is the beach volleyball which is held once in a week during the summer. It is a regular activity that is participated by both locals and foreigners alike. The beach is also a usual location for New Year’s party which is organized by members of the ex-pat population. During the winter months, a Warwick Camp is held as part of the army base. The place is used for Bermuda Regiment training.

There are also various cafes, taverns, bars and restaurants that will suit your budget. The services often vary depending on the management of the dining areas. In general, table services are to be expected. If you are staying on a hotel, they usually service international cuisine with a touch of Bermudan specialties. Some of the Bermudan delicacies you should try are fish chowder, Bermuda lobster, and Hoppin’ John. You should also try seafood such as red snapper, yellowtail, rockfish, and guinea chick.

Traditional Sunday breakfasts offered in hotels include potatoes and codfish that are served with banana, red sauce and avocado. Desserts to try include bay grape jelly, loquat jam, and sweet potato pudding. The drinks in Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda have a special base called Golsing’s Bermuda Black Seal rum. Cocktails and national drinks also have colourful names such as the famous Rum Swizzle and the traditional local drink Dark and Stormy. American, European, and British beers are also available. Just like in most countries, the legal drinking age is 18 years.

What makes the this beach an attractive place for locals and visitors are the soft pink sands, peaceful waters and secreted coves. You will also find that the local reefs are vibrant with colourful fishes such as rainbow trout, clown fish, and trumpet fish. The whole beach is filled with activities that you will enjoy with your family such as beach soccer and beach volleyball games. You can also head beyond the hidden coves and feel a more unruffled experience.

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