Hot Air Balloon Festival Karnataka

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See the World in Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka

Hot Air Balloon Festival Karnataka

When it happens: December 2012 to January 2013
Where it happens: Karnataka, India

            Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka is held every year in various places. This allows hot air balloons to gather and join in a number of activities such as the race of evening light glows where balloons are fired while they remain tied on the ground. If you want to enjoy a excitement-filled year-end by lying calmly on verdant green ground and watching colourful hot air balloons as they float in the sky, then you should visit Karnataka.

Karnataka tourism has prepared will for the Hot Air Ballooning Festival in December 2012 to January 2013. It will take place in three regions such as Bidar, Hampi, and Mysore. About 30 hot air balloon lovers from all over the world will participate in this four-day celebration.

Ever since ancient times, the human race has always been intrigued by the mystery of flight. They have been in constant awe with the noticeable magic that allows birds to soar in the sky. On the other hand, the Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka makes use of basic principles of physics to create a sense of natural flight. These balloons are made to fly by a very basic principle which is warmer air rises in cooler air. If you want to experience the ceaseless beauty of the colourful hot air balloons, and obtain a birds-eye sight of the world, take a ride on a hot air balloon. Come and join in the festival.

            Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka aims to promote tourism in the state. During this festival, you will see a display of beautiful and vibrant hot air balloons which are manned by hot air balloon enthusiasts and professions. It is the perfect occasion for you to experience the magnificent view and beauty of the state of Karnataka. The festival attracts thousands of adventure lovers all around the world.

Aside from the Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka, the state is also known for its world heritage sites and beautiful beaches. You will surely enjoy your stay in Karnataka before, during, and after the festival. There are also timeless temples, green forests, and historical monuments that you can visit. Other tourist attractions include the incredible wildlife, the vibrant culture and the adventure sports of the state. Clearly, Karnataka is one of the tourist spots in India that is considered to be a favourite adventure destination in India.

Among other things to try during the Hot Air Ballooning Festival, Karnataka, you should not miss the Karnataka cuisine which includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Typical dishes you can try include the Chapati which is an unleavened flat bread, and Rago rotti, a famous healthy diet in India. Karnataka is also famous for Masala Dosa which is a fermented crepe or pancake. The state is also famous for pork curries and some tasty seafood specialties.


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