Hue Festival 2013 Vietnam

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Something to Remember About in Hue Festival  Vietnam

Hue Festival 2013

When it happens: First Week of June 2013(Expected to fall)

Where it happens: Hue, Vietnam

History: Hue Festival is the main annual event of the city. It is held every June in the city of Hue to celebrate the spirit of unity and harmony. Before the festival, the country is only known for the war between the Vietnamese and American troops. But now, the ancient capital of Vietnam is famous for the Hue Festival.

About the Festival:

The festival consists of a number of rites and events which include Children’s Festival, Gastronomy Days, Oriental Night, Nam Giao Offering Ritual, Installation Art Displays, Hue Poetry Festival, Imperial Night, and Ao Dai Grand Show. Art and cultural activities are also showcased in the festival. They include calligraphic performances which is hosted by the latest art gallery of the city.

Hue Festival 2013 attracts a number of tourists. It makes arrangements for tourism programs in order to provide the visitors with quality service during the festival season. One of the old traditions that you should not miss during the event is the kite flying.

The art of kite flying is showcased at its best during this beautiful cultural event. You can also celebrate the festival by visiting an old waterside temple. You can see traditional dance performances and floating of offerings at the river. You will be amazed with the thousands of students who carry lanterns during the procession along the river. Then, artists will greet them as they carry candles with them. The festival lasts for nine days and draws about 1.2 million visitors. It is closed by a firework display.

Travel Tips:

When travelling to Hue city, there are a number of things you should do. You should not miss taking a boat down to the Perfume River to visit temples, tombs and pagodas. There are also a number of relics of the Imperial Capital. You should also buy a cone hat and enjoy the Nha nhac cung dinh Hue, a form of Vietnamese court music. Aside from that there are a few things you should remember. Most major cities are not of walking distance from the center of the city. Thus, you should arrange a tour by private car, motorbike, or boat. You can also try bicycling. To tour the Vinh Moc tunnels, do not forget to bring with you a torch and an umbrella.

Final Thoughts: The Hue Festival 2013 is an event that brings all cultures together, both foreign and ethnic minorities have the chance to meet and strengthen their bond. The festival introduces the culture of the Hue people to foreign people. The impressive cultural performances by the artists of Vietnam and other countries will surely make your trip worthwhile. In addition, the events included in the festival will bring you no boring moment during your stay. So, if you are planning to visit Vietnam on the first week of June, do not miss the Hue Festival 2013. Become a part of this magnificent collective scene.

The Dates for Hue Festival 2014 are yet to be confirmed.

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