Hungary Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Hungary calendar – 2012/Hungary Public Holidays 2012

Hungary is a country dominated by Christian’s communities. So the events in Hungary calendar – 2012 are mostly related to them. Following are the main events with some of their description.

1st January is New Year’s Day and it is celebrated in the whole world with full enthusiasm and passion. The Hungary calendar – 2012 started with a Sunday so it was declared a holiday for the public.

Valentine’s Day- February 14 2012 will commence on Thursday. It’s a Christian religious event and on this occasion couples meet each other in special red dresses to express the true feelings of love. On this day valentine fell in love with jailer’s daughter and sent her a notice before death. Since then people celebrate this day in memory of valentine.

National Day- March 15 is the memorial day of the 1848 Revolution. Ceremonies are held to make the occasion special people wear special dresses called cockades having national colors (red, white and green).

Easter Monday April 08 2012 is a religious event and men visit their women and sprinkle them with perfume after reciting an Easter poem. Mothers prepare special dinners on this occasion. It is celebrated in memory of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Labor Day- May 1, is an Anniversary of the consent to the EU. It is celebrated in memory of economic and social achievements of workers.

According to Hungary calendar August 20 is known as Saint Stephen’s. It is also called day of new bread. Hungary was founded on this day. It is celebrated with a half-hour firecrackers on the shore of the Danube in the twilight.

National Day- October 23 is celebrated as national day on this day speeches and exhibitions are held to motivate people and inhabitants of the country.

All Saints Day-November 1 will commence on Thursday and people term it as All Saints Day It is a day to evoke the lost ones. On this day societies usually visit all their relatives’ graves and decorate them with flowers. It is basically a catholic and Christian tradition which has special importance in several cultures.

Christmas- December 24 evening and the day of December 25 is termed as Christmas on this occasion people buy gifts for their relatives. Special offers are introduced and families reunite under Christmas tree. Christmas songs are sung and the occasion last for about two weeks. It is believed that Jesus was born on this day.

Beside these events first Advent, Second Advent, third Advent, fourth Advent and Stephens’s day are also celebrated. But they are not as much important in Hungary calendar as the other above mentioned events are. Major events are religious and places affiliated to them are churches for praying and urging.

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