Iceland Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Iceland calendar – 2012/Iceland Public Holidays 2012

Iceland calendar – 2012 contains following main religious and national events.Here is the list of Iceland  Holidays 2012,

1st January is New Year’s Day. It is a two days holiday from 1st January to 3rd January.

Tþrettándinn. This event is the official announcement of the end of Christmas and people celebrate it with traditional songs and fireworks. It is celebrated on 6th January.

Tþorrablót. It is an ancient mid-winter tradition. It is actually a feast in which sacrificing of blood of goat and oxen are involved. People celebrate the occasion by singing, dancing and enjoying in an open manner. Special dinners are prepared at homes as well as hotels and people invite others for gatherings. It starts from the Friday that falls from 19 January and lasts of r a complete week.

Food and Fun. It is meant for having fun with the food, top chefs of the country prepare different foods and restaurants provide special discount rates on different items. This is the bset event for the tourists to watch as there are special discounts and all the restaurants are available to stay on special rates.

Bolludagur. Creampuffs are prepared in a huge number communities eat them and children catch their parents on the bed to and beat them with colourful “bun wards”.

 Ash Wednesday. It is a special event and many events are related to this one. It is similar to Halloween. Children wear different costumes and wander around the town for candies. It is celebrated on the seventh Wednesday before Easter.

Beer Day. This is an unofficial holiday marked in memory of anniversary of Iceland’s 1989 authorization of beer with liquor content above 2.2%. It is observed on 1st march. According to Iceland calendar – 2012 the day is Thursday.

Easter Sunday. Easter has got special importance in Iceland. It marks the end of winters and people enjoy five days of rest from Thursday to holy Monday. Tourists face a lot of problems in these days. In Iceland calendar – 2012 it would be celebrated from 5t April to 9th April.

National Day. On this day Iceland got independence from Denmark. Parades and ceremonies are held in the memories of this remarkable historic event. It is celebrated on June 17. People gather at Tþingvellir National Park. At this place parliament of Iceland assembled for the very first time.

Beside these events gay pride and the events related to the feast of cattle are also held. There is some dancing and music festivals related to the seasons. They base upon different customs and are adjusted according to the arrival of new season in Iceland calendar – 2012.

Christmas season and New Year’s Eve: this event will mark the end of Iceland calendar – 2012 people celebrate this religious event with full enthusiasm and tourist are active in this season as well.




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