Independence Day of India 2012

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Independence Day of India 2012

            On the fifteenth day of August, the Independence Day of India is commemorated. It is the nation’s birth as a sovereign nation from the British rule in 1947. This day is considered to be a national holiday in India. Flag raising ceremonies are conducted by the local administration all throughout the country.

The main event of the holiday takes place in the capital city of India, Delhi. It is where the Prime Minister raises the flag and delivers a speech to the entire nation. In his speech, he emphasizes the achievement of the government and raises important issues. He also pays tribute to the leaders of the freedom struggle. After the raising of the flag, it is saluted by the guns.

The Independence Day of India is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the biggest democracy in the world. As a national holiday, all colleges and schools across the nation raises the national flag on buildings and rooftops. This is to symbolize the importance of the flag as pride of the entire nation. In addition, business areas and offices celebrate the day along with educational institutions.

People are only expected to attend the flag-raising ceremony. If you happen to be in India during this day, the best way to celebrate it is through kite-flying. Kite-flying has become a tradition that you can join a number o people flying kites of various sizes, shapes, and colours to symbolize their freedom. The skyline of Delhi is filled with thousands of kites. You may also witness similar programs celebrated at all State capitals.

Every year, Independence Day in India is celebrated in every corner of the counter. It is celebrated by each and every citizen regardless of creed, religion or caste. You will be amazed how the day is celebrated by even the smallest associations and colonies. There are also a number of activities that you can enjoy during this special holiday.

You can join the costume parties where people, old and young, men and women, dress up in fancy clothes, but in a nationalistic way. In addition, you can also watch a number of documentaries that are aired on televisions. You can also visit the grave of martyrs to pay respect. Each and every citizen of India does something, one way or another, to mark this day of freedom.

Media is also not far behind in doing their responsibilities during the Independence Day of India. Most channels telecast new and classic films with the theme of independence. In addition, they also organize and broadcast patriotic programs. If you want to witness this great nationalistic pride, come to India and be part of the Independence Day. Every person in the Country celebrates this very special day.        


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