Indian Grand Prix 2012

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Indian Grand Prix 2012-Buddha International Circuit

When: October 26, 27, and 28 2012Indian Grand Prix 2012 300x123 Indian Grand Prix 2012

Where: New Delhi, India

Things to Know to Enjoy the Indian Grand Prix 2012:

            The Indian Grand Prix 2012 will be held for three days on October 26, 27, and 28. This will be held in the capital of India, New Delhi. Delhi is a fascinating city with contradictions and complexities.It also has dynamism and beauty as the past co-exist harmoniously with the present. This is the first Indian Formula One Grand Prix and will be held on the newly built circuit designed by Herman Tilke, a world-renowned designer of the Formula One race track. He has designed the race tracks in Shanghai, Bahrain, Korea, Turkey, and Valencia. The first Indian F1 GP will stage approximately 50 km from Delhi.

The race track for the Indian Grand Prix 2012 is built at a cost of 350 million US dollars. It is expected to have the second fastest standard speed of any circuit following Monza on the calendar. It is supposed to have a length of approximately 5.5 kilometres with a total of 6 corners and a capacity of 118,000 people. It is one of the fastest tracks in the world with the cars reaching as fast as 320 kilometres per hour.


Indian Grand Prix 2012 Circuit

Indian Grand Prix 2012 circuit2 Indian Grand Prix 2012


Things to Do at the Indian Grand Prix

When visiting India during the Indian Grand Prix 2012, there are some things you need to remember. Indian foods are highly spiced the Delhi cuisine includes both non-vegetarian and vegetarian varieties. If you gave special taste, Delhi offers eateries such as Chaat and Paranthe Wali Gali. There are also sweetmeats in Ghantewala and Annapoorna.

The cuisines of Delhi are alco composed of pure vegetarian recipes such as paneer-do piazza, paneer pasand and rajma chawal. There are also places where they serve a mix of Indian and international dishes. Most Indian foods are well-cooked. They are not raw and they are safe to eat. If you are sensitive to spicy food, you can ask for a no spice food. You can also try the fresh fruit juices and other beverages.

Indian Grand Prix 2012  Ticket booking:

You can book the tickets for this event in  the official booking site

Travel Tips: 

In order to fully enjoy your stay during the Indian Grand Prix 2012, there are some things you should know about India. Know that guides, drivers, and porters expect a tip for every favour made. Although tips are not obligatory, you should tip them depending on their quality of service as a sign of gratitude. Also, most public washrooms in India are made in traditional western style. Keep in mind that you should carry your own hand wipes and toilet paper every time.

Lastly, taxis are less expensive in India. Another inexpensive mode of transportation is the Auto Rickshaw which will cost you almost half of the fare in taxis. If your hotel is far from the venue of the Grand Prix, insist on the meter fare. You can also negotiate before you board. In order to enjoy your stay during the event, it is wise to be familiar with of the customs of India.Catch up with the upcoming Extravaganza of Indian Grand Prix 2012 by October 2012.!!

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