International Mango Festival 2012

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The International Mango Festival in Delhi, India

International Mango Festival 2012

When it happens: 6th-8th July, 2012

Where it happens: Delhi Haat, Pitampuri, Delhi, India


It was 1987, the birth year of the International Mango Festival, held in Delhi, India. This yearly cultural event features over 500 varieties of mangoes cultivated by enthusiasts from all over the country. What started out as a simple promotion for the agro and food processing industries became one of the world’s best mango festivals to date.

About the Festival

In collaboration with the Delhi Government and the Delhi Tourism Board, this celebration also promotes tourism and product exports as well. The International Mango Festival showcases the country’s passion for mangoes. This mouthwatering festival has been at it since 1987 displaying a vast range of delicacies featuring the king of all tropical fruits, “mangoes”. It is only in Delhi during the International Mango Festival where you can enjoy a large variety of mangoes in a single event. There are also some exhibits where they give advice on how to grow specific mangoes so you can grow your own in the comfort of your home.

Travel Tips

The International Mango Festival in Delhi is scheduled to last for 3 days allowing visitors and enthusiasts to view and also have a taste of the various products the cultivators have to offer. Surely thousands of tourists visit to have a glimpse and try to take a bite of the varieties of mangoes the festival has for display. Different products like jams, dried mango products and the like are also available for tourists to enjoy, among others. There are also recreational activities involving mangoes set for visitors to enjoy and experience. One of these activities is the famous Messy Mango Eating Competition for women where hundreds of contestants dig their teeth into several mangoes grown from different parts of the country.

Other attractions of the International Mango Festival also includes the mango slogan writing, demonstrations of mango carvings, a magic show and a quiz bee about mangoes. There is also a competition for mango cultivators where their mangoes will be judged according to certain criteria where they have to show off a minimum of seven ripe mangoes and present them for judging. There are also cool prizes for the one that could present the biggest mango.

If you are a true mango lover, then the International Mango Festival in Delhi is not to be missed. People from all over the world who love mangoes will surely enjoy the wonderful experience of being at the International Mango Festival so be sure that there will be numerous tour/travel packages and promotions for tourists and enthusiasts alike to be able to visit Delhi. A wide range of Budget Hotels are available for your convenience so feel free to contact Delhi’s travel experts to get accommodations at a cheap price.

The dates for  International Mango Festival 2013 are Expected in Mid-July 2013 (yet to be confirmed.)

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