Intro Music Festival,Beijing

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Party with High Spirits at the Intro Music Festival

When it happens: Late May
Where it happens:
Beijing, China

Intro Music Festival was initiated by Acupuncture records. It revolves around the concept that music is an important piece that connects people. It also believes that electronic music is the sound of today’s era. Intro stands for “Ideas Need to Reach Out”. It is based around the fact people needs a stand to express their beliefs through digital art and electronic music. The festival aims to gather people from all over the world to support the culture and development of electronic music in China.

About the Festival: Intro Music Festival is a music festival that is held every year in late May in Beijing, China. It is the largest outdoor music festival in the country. It showcases the best and thriving electronic music scene of China in its 46,000 square meter open-air plaza. The plaza is also known as 751 D-Park and is located at 798 art zone Beijing. The festival lasts for one to two days and features about 80 artists and 3 stages. Over 20,000 people gather in the plaza.

Every year, the greatest VJs and DJs from around the world are incited to perform at the music festival. In addition, you can attend VJ/DJ workshops, panel discussion, remix competition, and other activities related to music. The expansive programs attract over 10,000 people, making the festival a very important celebration in the electronic scene of China.

Travel tips: When packing to attend the Intro Music Festival, do not bring a lot of luggage. Chinese taxis are usually in the form of Jettas and Volkswagen. Thus, they have limited amounts of luggage to hold. Also, domestic flights in China require an extra fee for heavy luggage. Just pack comfortable clothing and shoes since the festival is in summer. In addition, Chinese buildings are not as aggressively air-conditioned like in US.

Do not be surprise when you see people spitting and hear them hocking up their throats. In China, spitting is considered to be a hygienic thing to do. Just watch where you are stepping. Another tip is that Chinese people are more conservative than westerners. The men do not wear shorts and the women do not wear sleeveless. However, blue jeans are a popular outfit. You should also bring with you lots of moisturizers for your hands, face and body. The air in China especially in may is very dry. You should also bring with you or buy lots of tissues. Toilets in china do not provide tissue paper, so you will really need it when you are outdoors.

Final Thoughts: Intro Music Festival is the only electronic music festival in China. It is a refreshing change of pace from the electronic dance indoors and countless rock festivals. This two day celebration will surely enthuse you with the convergent of the best electronic producers and musicians in the country and overseas. It is a great time to take pleasure and meet new people in this huge dance party. Visit the festival in May and enjoy electronic music.

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