Istanbul Shopping Festival 2013

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Istanbul Shopping Festival 2013: The Paradise of Fashion Lovers

When it happens: June 9 – 29 2013
Where it happens: Istanbul, Turkey


The Istanbul Shopping Festival 2013 was established in 2011. The first ever Istanbul Shopping Fest was celebrated from the 18th day of March to the 26th day of April in the 2011. It was celebrated for forty days and forty nights and has transformed the city into a shopping Mecca. In addition, it was complimented by other activities such as concerts, performances, parades, and many more. The festival aims to make the city the center of entertainment, shopping, and culture in the world.

About the Festival:

The Istanbul Shopping Festival 2013 will be celebrated on the 9th day of June to the 29th in Istanbul, Turkey. Being one of the largest cities in the world, it is ready to flatter millions of people to its very own shopping fest. Great discounts and exhibitions will be offered to tourists and locals, along with musical concerts and massive displays of the latest fashion trends. To shop for your own needs and luxuries, you can visit the Capitol Shopping Center and the sapphire Bazaar.

Artifacts, antiques, and spices are some of the things that you can purchase for a discounted price. There will also be streets shows that you can amuse yourself with. You can join in lucky draws as well if you think you are fortunate to try your fate. These are all free for all shoppers around the world. Believe it or not, there are approximately 90 shopping centres that will remain open for 24 hours in the entire city. Thus, you can shop anywhere you want and anytime you want to.

Travel tips:

In attending this festival you need to wear your most comfortable shoes for you will be doing a lot of walking. Also, you need to carry only $50 everyday when you shop. You need to leave your money and passport at the hotel where it is safe. If you need more cash for shopping, there are a number of ATMs all over the city. Bargaining is a common way in Istanbul. Although it is unlikely to happen in the cities, why not take your chance?

A sale is made over a handshake, so if you agree on a price you do so. If you do not like bargaining or shopping, simply say thank you and walk away. In addition, do not look at sellers in the eye if you are not interested in buying. Lastly, always ask for the price before you say ok because chances are they will overcharge you.

Final Thoughts:

The Istanbul Shopping Festival 2013 is a heaven on earth to shopping aficionados. It offers them a great opportunity to do what they love for very affordable values. Perhaps enough seating will be better to accommodate the consumers’ aching feet. Above all, finding what you need in one single place is exactly what every buyer needs, making the festival a very suitable shopping destination.  

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