Italy Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Italy calendar – 2012/Italy Public Holidays 2012

Like the other calendars Italian calendar – 2012 starts with the holiday of 1st January. This is the New Year’s Eve and people want to enjoy it fully. People gather at churches and cathedrals. Fireworks are displayed and people fully enjoy the eve by visiting different places.Here is the list of Italy Holidays 2012,

Pasqua is known as Easter throughout the world. Italians go out of the home and visit their relatives and loved ones. Tourists are captivated by Italy in the days of Easter as there is lot of fun over there.

Anniversary of Liberation: the April 25 is marked as a public holiday in Italy. It is marked in the remembrance of the anniversary of the 1945 liberation. This war occurred in Italy during the World War II and it was also named as the War of Resistance.

Labor Day: May Day or Labor Day has an important celebration in Italy. Concerto Del Primo Maggio is a concert that is very popular throughout the Italy. It is organized by Italian Labor Unions in Rome at Piazza San Giovanni. Around 300,000 people attend this concert every year and many famous musicians and bands participate in the event. The concert is telecasted live on the Italian channels. The day has a history and it is celebrated in recognition of the sacrifices of labors.

 Republic Day: The “Festa Della Repubblica” is called the Italian national holiday celebrated on the second day of June and marked as Saturday in Italy calendar – 2012. On this day people remember the referendum of 1946. In that referendum the inhabitants of the state had to decide the way of government in the country.

Assumption Day: According to the Italy calendar it is known as FREGGESTO. It means the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. On this day people dance and sing. Many of them go to mountains and beaches to enjoy the day.

All Saints day: it will fall on Thursday November 1st, according to the Italian calendar – 2012On this day people remember their lost ones and visit their graves. Special ceremonies are held by the families. It is a sort of Memorial Day.

Immaculate Conception: it is celebrated in the memory of the life awarded by the god to Marry. This life was going to be completely free of sins. Roman Catholic churches hold special ceremonies. It is observed on 8th December and the day will be marked as Saturday on Italian calendar-2012.

Christmas Day: this day is known as the birthday of Christ. Saint Peter’s Square which is in Vatican City hosts the popular nighttime mass. It is given by the pope inside the saint peter’s basilica. On this day people enjoy a lot and different tourist move towards Rome and Vatican City as they are the centers of the Christian fundamentals.

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