Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

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Jaipur Literature Festival 2013

When it happens: late January(January 24-28 in 2013)

Where it happens: Diggi Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Launched in 2006 by the Jaipur Virasat Foundation founded by Faith Singh, the Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 was initially conceived as the literary segment of the Jaipur Heritage International Festival, but won ‘independence’ from the main event in 2008. It was intended to celebrate Jaipur and Rajasthani literature, but its ‘rock star’ line up of celebrity authors has attracted considerable global media attention and more than its share of popularity.

It also helps the event’s popularity that it is not ticketed, and it is free and open to public, despite criticisms that that the literary fest is elitist and highly commercialized.

About the Event:

Proudly declared as “A literary melting pot in India’s ‘pink city’,” the Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 holds up to scrutiny: It is a coming together of the best literati in the world, and it is a festival in the literal sense because of live performances, art and crafts, festooned buildings, and a festive air.

The festival is slated on January 24-28 in the Diggi Palace in Jaipur, gateway to the deserts of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The five-day affair will consist of debates, poetry, discussions, workshops and readings, and will be capped with soothing live music and easy lounging after dark.

Literary luminaries from all corners of the globe will come and share their thoughts on the present state of literature, both Indian and international. Renowned writers have been lined up for the event, so it is quite possible to buy their books and have them signed right on the spot. Next year’s festivals have confirmed the following authors to appear in the event: Umberto Eco, Ariel Dorfman, Michael Palin, Elizabeth Gilbert, Noam Chomsky, Philip Pullman, Bill Bryson, Monica Ali and Jhumpa Lahiri.

There will also be numerous book launches, so bibliophiles of all genres are not going to find the festivities lacking in something to read and contemplate on later. Of course, there will be a long line of stalls from which to sample local food and buy indigenous arts and crafts.

Travel Tips

In and of itself, Jaipur is a top attraction in India given its hilltop forts and royal palaces that tickle travelers pink. On any given day, the city bustles with usual traffic, and considering the increasing popularity of the Literary Fest (100,000 attendees as of last count), there will be thumping and bustling during the days leading to the event. Be sure to pre-register online months ahead and bring the printout confirmation to avoid queues and crowds.

Jaipur may be an eye candy to the star-struck traveler, but there is depth to its pink-colored surface that resonates with the creative literary forces within.

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