Janmashtami Festival 2012 India

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Janmashtami Festival  2012 India
            The Janmashtami Festival India is a Hindu festival celebrated to commemorate the avatar of the God Vishnu, Krishna. Krishna Janmashtami is practiced on the eight day of the dark half of the Shraayana month in the Hindu calendar. This festival often falls on mid August to mid September in the Georgian calendar. It is celebrated in various ways of the different regions in India.

In Vrindayan and Mathura regions, citizens celebrate the Janmashtami Festival India by making dramatic enactments of Krishna’s life. It is known as the Rasa lila and is considered as a special feature in the two regions. You can witness the flirtatious parts of the youthful days of Krishna as recreated in the Rasa lila. On the other hand, the Dahi Handi commemorates the mischievous side of God. You can see teams of young men forming human pyramids in order to reach a pot of butter hanging high and break it. This is one of the major events that you should see in Tamil Nadu. It is popularly known as the uriadi.

Popularly known as Dahi Handi in Pune and Mumbai, the Janmashtami Festival India is celebrated with great ardour and fervour. Handi refers to a clay pot filled with buttermilk placed at a convenient height during the event to be broken by the topmost person in the human pyramid. The person tries to break the handi by hitting it with a coconut as a sign of truth and purity. The spilled buttermilk often symbolizes the achievement of the entire group through unity. You may see groups of youngsters around the city, travelling around to break as many handis as they could.

In Manipur, the Janmashtami Festival India is celebrated at the two temples in its capital city, Imphal. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu celebrate this day by making elaborate preparations such as serving snacks and sweets in Sanskrit and offering fruits to Lord Krishna. You can also join some devotional activities during the evening such as preparing of avalakki or flattened rice. If you happen to visit North India, they celebrate the festival as long as seven days. People commemorate this day with splendour and bliss.

One of the many activities you should not miss is the flying of kite in Jammu. It is considered to be the most important part of the celebration. On the other hand, the state of Orissa celebrates this festival by fasting and doing puja when the clock strikes twelve. Puja is a religious ritual performed to honour the deities. The next day, you can attend the joyous celebration of Nanda Utsav when people break their fast and offer a wide variety of sweets on the early hours of the day. With the different ways of celebrating the Janmashtami Festival India, you will sure not get bored if you pay India a visit.


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