Japan Formula 1 2012 Suzuka

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Japan Formula 1 2012 (Suzuka): A New and Athletic Experience

When: October 5 to 7, 2012
Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Formula One 2012 Date: The Japan Formula 1 2012 (Suzuka) is a race included in the calendar of the Formula One World Championship. It is often one of the last races of the season held on the 5th to the 7th day of October in Suzuka City. It has been one of the venues for several title-deciding races. The first race was in 1976 at the Fuji Speedway. However, due to the economic slump, the race will be held in Suzuka City. The Japanese Grand Prix became famous for the title decider between Nikki Lauda and James Hunt during the monsoon conditions.

Formula One 2012 schedule:
• Day One:
Friday, 5 October 2012 – Practice 1 and 2 Day
• Day Two: Saturday, 6 October 2012 – Practice 3 Day and Qualifying Day
• Day Three: Sunday, 7 October 2012 – Race Day

Formula One 2012 Circuit: The Suzuka International Racing Course is the race track used by the Japan Formula 1 2012 (Suzuka). It is located in Suzuka City and is operated by MobilityLand Corporation, a subordinate of Honda. Suzuka Circuit for short, it is a motorsport race track that is designed by John Hugenholtz. The Suzuka Circuit is one of the world’s figure-8 layout tracks with a straight crossing above an overpass. Modified three times, it has answered to every accident concerns of both fans and drivers. It is even featured in the video game Pole Position II and the Final Lap. The circuit has 53 laps and 5.807 km of length in a 307.471 km of race distance. Kimi Raikkonen, a finish race driver, has the fastest lap record of 1:31.540 in the Suzuka Circuit.     

japan circuit Japan Formula 1 2012 Suzuka

Expected in Formula One 2012: Famous players to join the Japan Formula 1 2012 (Suzuka) include Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alfonso, Mark Webber, and lap record holder Kimi Raikkonen. This 2012, the race does not have a current title sponsor. In addition to the event, there are many other activities you can perform to make your Japan vacation worthwhile. However, there are a number of things you must keep in mind.

First, always include travel insurance during your stay. Japan is safe and clean, but it is always better to be well prepared. You may also want to bring mosquito repellent and other electric repellent devices. The country is known for raw seafood. Although food and drink are safe, there is a little chance of getting a parasitic infection. Another great thing to do in Suzuka is visiting ninja houses and museum. Certainly, Japan Formula 1 2012 (Suzuka) will not only bring you a race to enjoy, but also wonderful scenery to scream about.  

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Where to stay during your travel to Suzuka,

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