Junkanoo Festival Bahamas

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Celebrate Life in Colours at Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas

Junkanoo Festival 2012-2013

When it happens: December 2012 and January 2013
Where it happens: Nassau, The Bahamas

            Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas is a street parade accompanied by music. It is held every Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, and in the summer in the island of Grand Bahama. However, the largest street parade is held in the capital of Bahamas, Nassau. The festival occurs during the dark hours of the morning of December 26 and on the first hours of light in New Year’s Day.

You will see thousands of people dancing through the town centre of Nassau. It is a parade of ocean of colours with rhythms reverberating off the surroundings walls. You can hear cow bells chattering over the brass horns. The sidewalk is filled with people as well as the balconies and rooftops. With a large merry making, you will feel like joining the crowd as they move around the city.

If you want to experience the Bahamian art and culture, you should make plans of attending the Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas. It is an energetic and colourful parade of brightly coloured costumes dancing and singing to the rhythm of the drums, whistles, and cow bells. Junkanoo is as meaningful as the Mardi gras in New Orleans and the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. However, it is distinctly Bahamian. The participants of the parade are organized with a specific theme. Their dance, music and costumes reflect the chosen theme. At the end of the street parade, judges award prizes to the tree winners of the categories best in costume, best music, and best overall group presentation.

As the traditions of the Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas evolve, the costumes have too. At one time or another, fabric, shredded paper, sea sponges, and leaves have played their part in the construction of the costumes. At the present time, you can costumes made of crepe paper glued to wood, cardboard, or fabric. Costumes usually consist of a shoulder piece, skirt, and a headdress. They are usually of elaborate and vibrant colours. Group members are the one who make their own intricate designs.

The music you hear at the Junkanoo Festival, Bahamas today is distinctively Bahamian. Rhythmic copper bells, mouth whistles, and goombay drums will sweep you up in the Bahamian beat. Music is the most important element of the festival. You will surely fail to resist the infectious beat of cow bells, whistles, brass horns, and goatskin drums. In addition, there is a brand new attraction at the waterfront of Nassau.

The Junkanoo Expo is first museum of its kind. It showcases large, colourful and intricately designed artistic creations from the past parades. The Expo complex also includes a souvenir boutique where you purchase a variety of Junkanoo craft such as paintings. For this Christmas season, visit the Islands of Bahamas because it is the only country where you can experience such a colourful festival.


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