Khajuraho Dance Festival

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Khajuraho Dance Festival 2013

When: February, 2013

Where: Khajuraho, India


Indian movies always feature a distinctive form of dancing so unlike that of the West. This unique dance art is well-celebrated in thekhajuraho dance performance 300x225 Khajuraho Dance Festival Khajuraho Dance Festival 2013.This classical Indian dance has its roots 1,000 years ago and is immortalized by stone sculptures in the Khajuraho Temples.Dancing is attributed to the Hindu god Brahma, who inspired Bharata Muni to compile a treatise on performing arts, from which Natyaveda, or a body of knowledge about dance, was based upon. Dance, itself, pervades the theme of Hindu mythology where various deities are depicted dancing. Shiva is typically represented in ‘tandava,’ or doing a cosmic dance; Kali is famous for his dance of creation and destruction; and Krishna is often portrayed dancing with cow-herd girls.

Since there were no auditoriums in ancient India, dance was typically performed on important occasions in honor of a deity, to celebrate festivals or harvests, or to entertain the community.

Dancing before a deity in India is a form of worship.

About the Event:

The Khajuraho Dance Festival 2013 is a celebration of dance as an integral part of Indian culture and Hinduism. This occasion underscores the historical and religious precedent of dance as portrayed in the various Indian classical dance styles like Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Kathakali. Modern styles have also been added recently.

Since 2010, the dance festival has been scheduled to run from February 1 – 7. Quite fittingly, the festivities and performances are held in the open-air auditorium in front of the Khajuraho Temples in Central India, where the sun god Surya and destroyer-transformer deity Shiva are consecrated.

The dances are performed when the dusk falls away to reveal dramatically lit temples bathe in golden flow. The flute, tanpura, mridangam and tabla are musical accompaniments that highlight the uniquely Indian character of the event.

On the side, the Khajuraho Dance Festival also provides venue where villagers can display their arts and crafts.

 Travel Tip:

Dance is integral to understanding the mélange of Indian culture and Hinduism. For culture aficionados, the Khajuraho Dance Festival is a unique opportunity to experience the essential India. Plus, travelers get to join in the revelry and learn some new, exotic dance steps.

For the architecturally-inclined, the 10th – 12th century Khajuraho Group of Monuments declared as World Heritage Site in 1986 features some stunning stone sculptures that depict not only dance but also the ancient text of Kama Sutra which travelers have long referred to as the “apogee of erotic art.”

Final Thoughts:

The Khajuraho Dance Festival 2013 is an excellent introduction to understand the varied layers of Indian culture as reflected in dance. The backdrop is also an apt setting to see and experience India’s ancient religious structures and stone art.This is a must see event if you are an ardent classical fan of Indian music and dance.!

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