King’s Cup Elephant Polo 2012 Thailand

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Discover a New Passion in King’s Cup Elephant Polo 2012, Thailand

When it happens: 5th – 11th September 2012 (Yet o be Confirmed Later)
Where it happens: Hua Hin, Thailand

            King’s Cup Elephant Polo, Thailand is a championship event of Elephant polo. It is held three times a year where two teams compete for a bronze trophy. Although there is not money at stake, a team of 5 humans and 5 elephants battles to be claim the title of the champion. A number of people attend this prestigious event in Hua Hin. The celebration is launched by polo players around the world, Buddhist monks and a massive buffet of fruits.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the King’s Cup Elephant Polo, Thailand will return to the southern resort town after a three-year shift in Chiang Rai. This is a charity event that has raised 300,000 dollars for funds to care for over 60 elephants as well as their mahouts in Lampang’s Thai Elephant Conservation Center. The elephants are usually taken off the streets while they are under 20 years of age. They are then provided with food, shelter and regular check-ups with the veterinarian. Their mahouts are also given salary for their hard work.

If you wish to check out the sporting action of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo, Thailand, there is still time to get to Hua Hin. This hard-fought tournament features 12 teams and will begin on September 5. It will continue through the finals on Sunday afternoon, on the 11th day of September. You can watch the tournament at the Suriyothai army base in Hua Hin.

If you are not familiar with the elephant polo, the rules are actually pretty simple. They are also somewhat similar to horse polo. All elephants will carry a player and a trainer. Ladies are allowed to use both hands. Mallets should be approximately 2 meters long as well. Each team is made up of five players and the match will take place on a 100 by 60 meters pitch marked by a standard polo ball.

The King’s Cup Elephant Polo, Thailand is organized and sponsored by the luxury resort Anantara Hua Hin. There are a number of events you can enjoy off the field at the hotel such as celebrity auction and parties. You can join the opening parade at the Hua Hin town center and attend the blessing ceremony the following day. You can also enjoy live music late nights at the Anantara Resort and Spa. There is also a Grand Gala Auction on the third day. The giving of the trophy to the winner takes place on the last day where pitch side eateries serve your favourite culinary delights the entire day.

The King’s Cup Elephant Polo, Thailand is the best time for you to discover a new passion and be amazed of the world of elephants. You will be surprised of the skills and grace exhibited by the players on the two-tonne well-mannered giants. You can also savour the delicious food and enjoy the special spa treatment. You can have your photo taken with the players as well. This is the best day to be enthralled and relaxed.

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