Konark Dance Festival India

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Experiencing a Diverse Dance Heritage in Konark Dance Festival

Konark Dance Festival 2012

When it happens: December 2012
Where it happens: Konark, Orissa,India

            Konark Dance Festival is a dance festival held in India every year in December to commemorate the Sun temple in Konark, Orissa. You will sure be amazed with the architectural designs of the exquisite dancing hall or salamander in the shrine. Every inch of the walls is covered with fine creative designs of ancient times. You will find musicians playing musical instruments such as drums and symbols, and dance poses adorning the sculptures.

Many celebrated dancers from all over India perform at the venue as well. The festival has been organized in order to promote the diverse dance heritage of India as well as the popularity of Orissa and Kornak temple as a tourist spot.

The Konark Dance Festival is celebrated for three days. You will surely enjoy the rich arts, crafts and religion of the Indian culture as they are intermingled with one another. There are also a number of music and dance forms that each region has of its own, originating from the religious practices and deep-rooted culture of the specific region. At the present time, there are a number of cultural festivals that are celebrated in the country to exhibit and promote and diverse Indian heritage. One of them is the dance festival in Kornak that has gathered a wider section of audience.

Dances are performed during the Konark Dance Festival to relish experience for people who are dance lovers. The festival is a classical extravaganza that takes you through the experience of perpetual bliss. The sounds of the flute, Pakhauj, and Ghungroo bells as well as the mesmerizing interior design of the shrine will bring you’re an unforgettable and magical ambience. The dance festival is also famous for its crafts mela. At the fair, you will see beautiful sculptures and souvenirs made by local craftsmen. This is your chance to experience a cocktail of dance, music, food, art, and craft all at the same place and time.

Although famous for the Konark Dance Festival, the state is also an absorbing shopping destination. The best way for you to enjoy shopping is to stroll leisurely in the market of Kornak. You can check out the appliqué craft of Pipli and the Patta paintings. There are also embroidered umbrella that is brilliant find. If you want to buy souvenirs, the best option to shop is the government emporiums. You will find handicrafts and fabrics from across the state of Odissa.

You can buy conches and seashells as well as good and cheap souvenirs. Before buying, you should bargain with the shopkeepers since they double the prices due to bargaining habits. You should also try eating local delicacies such as fish fry prepared in Bengali style. There are also other cuisines in very affordable rates.                 

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