Love parade, Germany

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Love parade, Germany

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The famous electronic dance and music festival, Love Parade, though, not organized presently, was first held in 1989, in West Berlin. Since then, the Love Parade has been organized in various German cities at regular intervals. The Berlin Love Parade was held in 2003 and 2006, while the music festival at Ruhr was held from 2007 to 2010 during every month of july.


Though, it started out as a joyous music and dance festival, this parade stands canceled because of an accident at the parade that led to 500 injuries with 21 deaths. The sponsor Matthias Roeingh, of the Berlin Underground, first organized this festival in 1989, just before the Berlin Wall was demolished.  He was also known by the name of Dr.Motte. He along with his girlfriend Danielle de Picciiotto, were instrumental in giving shape to this music and dance parade. The whole point in organizing this musical event was to address the world leaders that were responsible for such political turmoil in the country. The festival was also held to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Motte, who was known to be a mascot for peace and brotherhood.  Till 1996, the festival was held in the Berlin Avenue but was shifted to StraBe des Juni located in the Tiergarten Park, a centrally located park in Berlin. The venue proved to be a major hit with music lovers.  The golden angel, located on top of the column, at the park, became the festival’s highlight and mascot.  The was attended by thousands of Germans and foreigners who travelled to participate in this parade. With over a million attending the parade, the popularity of this musical extravaganza grew. However, the year 2001 showed a bleak picture with low attendance, owing to financial and political problems. The following years, too reported the same. It was in the year 2007 that the parade was shifted to Ruhr and it continued to be held there till 2010. The parade garnered much fan fare and was attended by at least 1.2 million people. Last parade was held in 2010 at Ruhr.

About The Parade

The next venue decided for the parade, was Dortmund , which became the highlight for many tabloids and news channels. The parade was organized under the Motto Highway of Love and was planned as a weekend getaway for love birds. The event was packaged with all the factors of entertainment thrown in, for the visitors. Be it love, sex or drugs, people could get everything that they desired.  The event was a hit with parties and a new entrant to the music scene “Turkish Delights”.  The event was attended by 1.6 million tourists. Probably, the largest parade of its kind, the festival was a success. The year 2010 saw the last of the parade with 21 deaths and 500 injuries that created a blotch on the reputation of the Love parade memorial 300x198 Love parade, Germany


With parties, food and drinks, the Love Parade used to be a music lover’s paradise. The cheering crowds and the electrifying sound of music, have made this festival a fond remembrance for those that were fortunate enough to  witness the craziness that accompanied the famous Love Parade.

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