Lunar New Year Fair, Hong Kong

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Go Floral at the Lunar New Year Fair, Hong Kong

When it happens: January 17 to 23
Where it happens:
Hong Kong ,China

In Canton, at least one fair is celebrated in every district. This became a custom since the 1960s. The origin of the fair can be traced back during the Ming Dynasty. However, the official records of the Lunar New Year Fair were found in 1920s in Canton. During this time, the city was under the rule of the Republic of China. The official name of the fair is Flowermarket. However, the locals have been accustomed to the term Flower Street which refers to the fact that the fairs are held on the streets which are turned into a pedestrian zone during the fair.

About the Festival: The Lunar New Year Fair(年宵市場) is a fair held every year in Hong Kong. It is celebrated a few days before the Lunar New Year. It is held in various locations in the country such as the Fa Hui Park and the Victoria Park. A number of stalls that sells a wide variety of goods are put up at the fair. Half of the area is for selling lucky flowers such as peach, chrysanthemum, peony, and narcissus. Fruit plants such as mandarin are also sold at the fair. The other half of the fair sells dry goods for the Chinese New Year.

The fair usually attracts a lot of people all over the world. It is part of the custom to walk the flower market (hang fa shi) and walk the year night (hang nin siu). The fair is full of people usually a few hours before midnight and after New Year’s Day. Before the fair closes, sellers will try to sell all their stocks. They would not even take the flowers back after the fair ends. They will either destroy them or donate them to charity organizations.

In the recent years, youths from schools, universities and organizations operate their own stalls. They sold a number of special products that are related to pig.

Travel tips:

                If you want to travel to Hong Kong for the Lunar New Year Fair, you must declare your goods that are more than your allowance at the Red Channel. Banned goods must also be declared such as communication transmitting devices and forged trademarks items, including ozone depleting substances, rice, animal products, meat, and fish. If you are above 18 years old, you are allowed to bring 1 litre of alcoholic drinks and 19 cigarettes as part of your duty-free allowance. If you have a Hong Kong ID Card, you should spend at least 24 hours outside Hong Kong to benefit from the alcoholic drink allowance from duty free.

The Lunar New Year Fair is a great time for you to shop. You will see a lot of affordable goods that you can bring for your loved ones. You will surely enjoy your time as you go from one stall to another, finding something you will love. In addition, the flowers are very beautiful. They will sure adorn every part of your house and make your garden more pleasant and welcoming.

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