Macau Calendar 2013

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Macau Calendar 2013

Macau is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China, and as a country which relies mostly on its tourism, is definitely a must-see for everyone with wide interests. There is a lot that should be checked on the Macau Calendar 2013.


New Year’s Eve

With its previous names being translated into Oyster Mirror and Mirror Sea, Macau is an amazing place to be at the beginning of the New Year. Celebrations of the beginning of the year according to the Gregorian calendar are held in a native manner, but also have a lot in common with the Western celebrations.

Tuesday, January 1 2013



Chinese New Year

Macau also celebrates the New Year according to the Lunar calendar, in respect to the old traditions. This fifteen-day long celebration resembled by nationwide festivals is definitely something one has to see.

Sunday, February 10 2013


Good Friday

This holiday commemorates the execution of Jesus by crucifixion. It is a bank holiday and the whole nation takes part of it trough solemn parades around all the churches and cathedrals.

Friday, March 29 2013


Qing Ming Jie

Falling on the first day of the fifth solar term, the Qingming festival, also known as Cheng Ming, is the holiday that has a strong resemblance with Ancestors Day from the Western holidays. This tradition’s roots date from more than two and a half thousand years ago, when families would gather on this day to honor their ancestors’ burial grounds and pay them respect.

Thursday, April 4 2013


Labor Day

Macau also takes part in the international celebrations of the accomplishments of the Labor Movement. Wednesday, May 1 2013


Buddha’s Birthday

Buddha’s Birthday is the biggest and most widely celebrated Buddhist festival for the year and is one of the most important moments in the Macau Calendar 2013. Being held in the first full moon in May, with the exception of leap years when it is moved to June, it commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha in one single day.

Friday, May 17 2013



Dragon Boat Festival

Also known as the Duanwu Festival, this holiday is one of the major happenings of the year in almost every East Asian and Southeast Asian country. Around the time of the summer solstice, Asians consider the sun to be at its strongest point, and since in Asian culture the sun represents masculine energy, it is quite normal to have this great festival resembled by eating rice dumplings, drinking wine and racing dragon boats.

Wednesday, June 12


Quoqing Jie

National Day of The People’s Republic Of China

The Public Republic Of China has be found on October 1, 1949 with a spectacular ceremony on the Tiananmen square, and every country that is a part of it, pays its respect and honors this step in the great country’s evolution. The day that follows is also a national holiday.

Friday, November 1 2013


Chong Yeung

Festival of Ancestors

Families gather together to honor their ancestors, but also visit high geographical points, because tradition from the Han dynasty, where a man was advised to go to the high ground for that day. After the man returned, all his townsmen were slaughtered and now people do the same, as it is known to bring good luck.

Sunday, October 13 2013


Macao S.A.R. Establishment Day

Macau has been administered by the Portuguese in the mid 16 century, and was their property until 1999, when it has been the only European property in China. At that point Macao has gained the statute of being a Special Administrative Region for China, just like Hong Kong, and December 20 has been added to the Macao Calendar.

Thursday, December 20 2013


Christmas Day

Macau takes its part of the celebrations of many Christian holidays and Christmas is no exception. People celebrate in a fashion that is quite close to the Western one – exchanging gifts, decorating the houses, and celebrating in family circle.

Wednesday, December 25 2013

Have a Happy  Macau Holidays in 2013.!

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