Menton Lemon Festival – It’s All Yellow and Orange

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Menton Lemon Festival – It’s All Yellow and Orange

Menton is best known for its annual Lemon Festival. The city, situated on French Rivera, near the Italian border is a well-known city for the lemons that it produces. This unique festival, also known as La Fete de Citron is celebrated annually. Because of large contribution towards the wealth of this French city, this festival is very special among the people in city.

The festival draws more than 250,000 people. It is held between mid-Februarys to March. Being an important festival, arrangements are made to transform more than 145 tons of citrus fruit into carnival floats. Giant sculptors are made by the lemons and oranges. Experts from all over the world take place in the festival. The lemons and oranges of Menton are famous all over the world for their taste and sugar content. The professional chefs prefer to use these fruit in their dishes. The city has gained a unique name for its high quality Lemons and Oranges, it’s known as the Lemon Capital of France. Menton Lemon Festival 2012 was celebrated from February 17, 2012 till March 7, 2012.

History of the City:

Menton’s architect has a touch of Italian influence, but the visitors are deeply moved by Baroque style. Earlier, Italian family known as Ventimiglia possessed the city. It was then purchased by Monaco’s Grimaldi in 1346. In 1848, after centuries of ruling, the Grimaldi rule saw an up rise from the people as they declared it as an independent city. Later on, in 1860, the city chose its fate to be a part of France.

History of Lemon Festival:

Things started off in the end of 19th century in attempt to increase the winter tourism of the town, a parade was planned. The high class holiday makers were kept in mind during the parade. Things went as planned, and Mentor ended up being the favorite place for Kings, princess and artists. They loved to spend time in the city and lived in luxury hotels and villas.

In 1929, the city became the premier lemon producer. The first exposure of the fruit was arranged at the Hotel Riviera gardens. Flowers and citrus products were the main headline of the show. It was a great success and in the coming year, the oranges and lemons were nicely crafted in the streets to present wonderful scenery. In 1934, the parade was given the name of Lemon Festival or Fête du Citron to further increase the tourism.

The same tradition continued successfully and even today the event is appreciated and well acclaimed event in France. It continually attracts visitors from all around the world. During the month of February and March, which marks the end of Harvest season, parades, fireworks, flowers and fruits, are exhibited in parks and gardens.


Menton remains quite during the entire season, but when the festival time approaches, the city turns in a color riot. People love it as it is full of fun and excitement. It brings a lot of happiness and purpose to celebrate their city wealth. The celebrations continue for 3 weeks, during which the daily Citrus exhibition, the parades on Sundays, fireworks on Thursday nights with Corsos Nocturnes and Jardins de lumières take place on Friday. Jardin Biovès holds the permanent Citrus Exhibition. Huge fruit statues are common in the exhibition from all the cultures around the world. Some other events that take place are:

  • The Parade Of Golden Fruit:

This parade is held every Sunday earlier in the afternoons. Fruity floats move in between the crowded towns. Musicians and folk groups all accompany the fruity floats. It is a merry time around the sea.

  • Moonlit Parade

The event, celebrated on the Thursdays, has an unusual story behind it. The French people reveal that the fruits of the sun and the fruits of the moon have a date between them on this occasion. As night approaches, the mood completely changes from calm to a festivity mood.Various other exhibitions and festivals also take place. The Lemon Festival is an excellent feast to eye. It should be attended at least once in a lifetime. It’s quite a unique experience that creates the memorable moments about the lemon fruit festival.

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