Montreux Jazz Festival

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The  Montreux Jazz Festival, Swiss

 Montreux Jazz Festival 2012

Where it happens: Montreaux, Switzerland

When it happened in 2012: June 29 to July 14, 2012


         The Montreux Jazz Festival, Swiss is a music festival considered as most prestigious and well-known in Europe. It is held annually in Montreux, Switzerland at the shores of the Lake Geneva between the months of June and July. It is the second to the Montreal International Jazz Festival as largest music festival held every year in the world. It is founded by Claude Nobs in 1967, and since then, has become a grand event for all the music lovers of the country. This year the festival will take place on June 29 to July 14, 2012.

About the Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival, Swiss is the most loved musical event in Europe. It is among the glorious festivals that you should not miss. You will enjoy dances, movies, music and lots and lots of excitement and passion. You will witness music at its best with every genre from reggae to rap. You will also find great musicians such as ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Miles Davies, David Bowie, Count Basie and prince. They will surely entertain you with their stunning and energetic jazz performances. You can also enjoy the music of internationally recognized stars and famous band artists who descend on the mountain town, especially to witness the jazz festival annually.

 Travel Tips

The Montreux Jazz Festival, Swiss is held in the Convention Center at its two main stages, the Miles Davis Hall and the Stravinsky Auditorium. It also extends to the Montreux Jazz Café and other smaller open-air stages around the Convention Center. Aside from jazz, there are many other additional themed shows that you can watch such as Blues and Bahia. They are being performed at the boats while you cruise the lake. You can even enjoy them in train cars while travelling the region. There are also a number of different competitions and workshops held at the Le Petit Palais and Montreux Palais. All these performances are for free. In addition, you can choose between jam sessions and acoustic concerts during the night at the Jazz Café.

If you are a musician, you can also join the international competitions organized by the foundation every year. Some of the categories you can join are voice, guitar, and solo piano. For every competition, know that the jury is comprised of professionals and presided over by famous musicians. There is also a local competition for jazz bands where you can witness the Swiss talents. It is known as the Tremplin Lemanique, based in one of Leman Lake’s regions.

These competitions are part of the free events of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Swiss, along with the archive projections, exhibitions, free concerts, and workshops in the part. Clearly, the Montreux Jazz Festival has a unique and diverse reputation in the music industry.

The dates for  Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 are yet to be confirmed.

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