Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day All Around the World

When it happens: March, April or May

Where it happens: All Around the World

History: Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a commemorative event for her mother in the United States. Since then, she started a campaign to make the day a recognized holiday. She was successful in her campaign in 1914, but was disappointed because of the event’s commercialization in the 1920′s. The holiday was adopted by a number of countries and is celebrated all around the world.

About the Festival:

Mother’s Day is a celebration held in many different parts of the world on various days. It is commonly celebrated between the months March and May depending on the country. It complements the celebration honouring fathers known as Father’s Day. It is an invention of the Americans that did not descend from the many celebration held for mothers and motherhood. Despite this fact, this special holiday has become synonymous with old traditions.

Every country has its own way of celebrating this day. One thing common about it is commercialization which allows members of the family to give presents and show mothers their importance. For instance, Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of May in the Philippines. Since a Filipino mother is considered as the light of the household, families treat mothers specially, spending time with her and giving her time to pamper herself. Typically, this day is celebrated at home where children perform most of the household chores such as preparing food and washing the dishes.

In Pakistan, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May as well. A number of media channels have special shows for mothers and the people honour them by giving commemorative articles and gifts. Those who have lost their mother pay respect and offer prayers to their lost loved ones. In New Zealand, children prepare their mothers breakfast in bed during this special day.

On the other hand, only children at kindergartens celebrate this day in Israel. In Belgium, children make little present at their primary school to be handed over in the morning. Typically, the fathers buy croissants and other pastries as the mothers’ breakfast in bed.

Final Thoughts: Wherever you are and whenever the date is, Mother’s Day is celebrated with much delight. No matter what race or religion you have, it is an undeniable fact that mothers have a big impact in the lives of their children. It is only right to give them a special day that will allow them to pamper themselves. However, do not forget that this is not the only time to show your mother that you love her. Never fail to tell her or show her that you love her each day because no one can give you love like a mother does.

Mother’s Day Celebration Dates in USA are,

In 2012  -   May 13th , Sunday

In 2013  -  May 12th  , Sunday

In 2014  -   May 11th  , Sunday

In 2015  -    May 10th  , Sunday

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