Munich Opera Festival

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Music for Love at the Munich Opera Festival

Munich Opera Festival 2012

When it happens: Between months of June and July; Festival is held for 35 days. June 23 – July 31, 2012

Where it happens: Munich, Germany


          The Munich Opera Festival is an event that takes place in the Bavarian capital every year. It is held between the months of June and July before the Salzburg and Bavreuth festivals. It has been celebrated for 137 years in order to summarize the concluding work of the Bavarian State Opera’ main season. The latter administers the festival and provides premieres Germany’s largest new stage productions as well.

About the Festival

                Besides the opera, there are many other things you can enjoy during the Munich Opera Festival. You can attend the concerts of chamber music which are given to showcase the talents and works of the members of the Bavarian State Orchestra. The festival is opened every year in Michaelskirche with the performance of a choral concert as part of the service of the Roman Catholic Church. This is led by the Archbishop of Freising and Munich, along with the music director of the opera company who supervises the work of the performers in the organ loft. The highlight of the festival is the “Opera for All”, which is a live transition from the theatre to the outdoors of a full-length production.

The Munich Opera Festival is celebrated by the Bavarian State Opera every year at the National Theatre. It usually takes place for a period of 35 days. You can see a number of performances such as ballet and operas. Oftentimes, the cost of the ticket depends on the liming of the festival. The mega Opera event showcases the amazing performances of Wagner, Verdi, Beethoven, Cavalli, Mozart, Strauss and many other famed artists. Over 80,000 people all around the world gather to witness this enthralling event. Aside from the ballets and operas, you can also enjoy the several premieres and musical offerings of the festival. The festival is the perfect place for you to be entertained by the diverse musical performances of talented musicians and be amazed of the blend of culture and art of the people.

Travel Tips

During your stay in the city, it is also a good idea to roam around. Being one of the largest cities in Germany, Munich is a fascinating place to find cafes, restaurants, museums, and theatres. It is a sophisticated city where you can spend the night drinking beer at piercing beer halls or attending concerts of classical musical. Your eyes will also be filled with beautiful structures such as old buildings, fountains, gardens, and parks. There are a lot of things you can do in the areas around.

The city is a perfect place for trips, especially to the beautiful and majestic Black Forest. What are you waiting for? Attend the Munich Opera Festival, and enjoy the art and culture of Bavaria at its best.

The dates for  Munich Opera Festival 2013 are yet to be confirmed.

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