Netherlands Public Holidays 2012 Calendar

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Netherlands Calendar 2012/Netherlands Public Holidays 2012

New Year’s Day. It is a global celebration to mark the beginning of a new year. Sunday January 1st 2012.

Good Friday. It is a Christian holiday marking the passion, three hour suffering and crucifixion of Jesus on the cross. It was the ultimate task that Jesus had to do before returning to the father. Friday 6th 2012

Easter Sunday it is a day when Jesus resurrected from the dead and came to the living. It was a triumph of Jesus over death. The people go to church and hold masses in honor of Jesus great mission. Sunday 8th April 2012

Easter Monday. It is the day after Easter Sunday. It is a public holiday in Netherlands and is a day when family members reunite by having time together and visiting other friends. Monday 9th April 2012.

Queen Juliana’s day. Queen’s day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in Netherlands. It puts the country on the spotlight as it rivals New Years Eve in New York. Amsterdam receives up to two million visitors. On this day, Queen Beatrix visits one or two towns to get in touch with her countrymen and the visitors. Liberation day is to remember the death of the people who fought and died in the war. A remembrance ceremony is held in Amsterdam. Throughout the country, a two minute silence is observed at 8 PM. Celebrations are held almost in every part of the country with music festivals and veteran parades in Wageningen.April – 30-2012

Dutch liberation day. It is an annual celebration in commemoration of the Netherlands rescue from the Nazi Germany during the World War II. It was initially celebrated after five years till 1990 when it was declared a national holiday. A remembrance is held at the dam square and the national monument in Amsterdam. Sunday 5th may 2012.

Ascension Day. It is a holiday held in remembrance of Jesus ascent to heaven held forty days after Easter. It is a global holiday observed by Christians during the holy week. It was a bodily ascent of Christ which strengthens Christian faith knowing that Jesus went to prepare a place for them in heaven.May – 17-2012

Whit Monday: It is the day after the Pentecost. Whit Monday is popular because it is mostly the first warm spring weekend and is the perfect time to have outdoor activities such as cycling, a drive in the countryside or a walk in the park.May 27 2012

Christmas day. It is an ecumenical festival in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a day when the Dutch go to church to have a mass dedicated to the birth of Jesus. After church, they head home to have a great meal together and enjoy the company of the family.December – 25-2012

Boxing day. It is the day after Christmas when people are expected to box up the presents they have received during Christmas. Families also Visit friends and help the needy in society.December – 26-2012

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