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New Year 2013: A Global Event

Gregorian calendar is used all around the world. Most of the countries create a somewhat mix up of their cultural and traditional calendars with the Gregorian calendar and keep an eye on all the major events. Due to the incorporation, the New Year has become an important occasion that is celebrated all around the world. It’s a universal event celebrated by people from each and every country, belonging to any religion or sect. People make new resolutions, analyze the gone year and celebrate the night with happiness and cheer. They say good bye to the gone year and welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm.


A look at the history of this universal event will show that it is the oldest celebrated event recorded on the calendar. The Mesopotamians celebrated it at the vernal equinox in the midst of March, 2000BC. The Romans celebrated their new year on 1st March in 153 BC Roman calendar. World Power played a vital role in determining the calendar. It changed with time to time. The modern calendar, also known as the Gregorian calendar, came into existence in 1582. The creator, Pope Gregory XIII, set the 1st January as the New Year date.

New Year Night:

The New Year night is celebrated on the 31st December of each year. Parties are arranged around the world to welcome the upcoming New Year. Places like cities, churches and homes are decorated to organize these parties. A countdown of 10 seconds brings the excitement at the last few seconds of the year. As the countdown finished, people scream, shout, and wish New Year to each other. Beautiful lightning and fireworks increase the excitement and present a wonderful scenario. Wishes for the year and cards with presents are encouraged on the night. People gather in open places to see the fireworks and mark the occasion.

New Year Resolution:

New Year resolutions are by far the most important part of the coming New Year. People all around the world plan tasks for the upcoming year. They decide to give up on the bad habits, to work on moral values and they plan their progress for the year as well. They set the personal milestones and objectives for themselves. Most people decide to leave the junk food, to lose the much gained food and to quit smoking, though these resolutions last only for a week or so, yet they are planned with great motivation. For people who take them seriously, there is a remarkable importance of these resolutions. These people get motivated, arrange their time frame, work hard to achieve the targets and at the end of the year, they mark the success. These resolutions act as benchmark for them and they usually have some progress related to each year to show to you.


Making abroad trips is a usual way to celebrate the New Year. It refreshes the mind, relaxes it from the burdens and acts as stabilizer to the hustle and bustle of each day. Most countries declare holidays from Christmas to 2nd January. The affordable families tend to make family trips to abroad destinations, while some settle for local tourist destinations. Some families celebrate by going on a picnic. Some even go for hiking or skating. Young couples tend to go to the malls and cinemas while some organize parties at their places. Parades and street parties are a common thing these days. Indeed, everyone does something to take part in the celebrations.

New year 2013:

The next New Year will take place on 1st January 2013 on Tuesday. The ones who are working on their resolutions still have plenty of time to work harder and achieve the target, while many can save their bucks and arrange some trips to their favorite destinations. For the ones lacking motivation to work on their resolutions, still they have time to make a start from scratch, as it is the first step that is the most difficult.

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