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Night Safari Hours:7.30pm to 12mn daily.nssg 224x300 Singapore Night Safari

The Night Safari Singapore bills itself as the first-ever zoo that is open only at night to preserve the day-night cycles of crepuscular and nocturnal animals, or animals that are only active during twilight or at night, respectively. As such, zoo hours are open 7.30 PM and close midnight. Restaurant and shops open earlier at 6PM.

This night-time only zoo is located adjacent to the Singapoe Zoo in the Upper Seletar Reservoir and occupies 40 hectares of secondary rainforest. The Night Safari Singapore Zoo is presently home to 1,040 animals belonging to 120 species. Apart from seeing  animals up close, there are also trails available to hikers who prefer to explore the area on foot. The Wallaby and the Fishing Cat Trails are just some of the most popular, whereas the Naracoorte Cave offers spelunking diversion.

The zoo is divided into the following geographical regions, which can either be explored on foot, or more conveniently, by trams.

Nocturnal Zoo Attractions

  • The Himalayan Foothills is a sight to behold, albeit a replica. The landscape is dotted with dwarf bamboos, rhododendrons, pine and fir trees, stout creepers that provide plenty of vegetative cover for bharal, Himalayan tahr, mouflon and the griffon vulture. The markhor is the star of the land because it is the largest goat in the world with horns twisted like cork screw, a zoo resident that endlessly fascinates visitors.
  • The Indo-Malayan region boasts of the Malayan tiger and the ‘babirusa’ or deer-hogs.
  • The Indian Subcontinent is a fascinating geographical region in that it has extremes on both ends of the climate and terrain. This is recreated in the Night Safari Singapore, so visitors can see lions and tigers coexisting peacefully, a sight that is seen nowhere else. The Gir lion, sloth bear, hyena and barasingha (swamp deer) are just some of the denizens visitors can find in this part of the zoo.
  • Asian Riverine Forest. This part of the zoo was landscaped to mimic tropical rainforests with rivers as the dominant topography.  The most famous residents are the Asian elephants and the tapir.
  • The Burmese Hillside. Marked by rugged terrain with low lying areas in the center, this part of the Night Safari Singapore is home to the ‘thamin’ or deer and ‘gaur’ or Indian bisons.
  • Equatorial Africa. This region is characterized by warm and moist temperatures throughout the year, so the area is landscaped to mimic this region. Cape giraffe, servals, and bongos (forest antelopes) are featured in the zoo.
  • Nepalese River Valley. This part of the zoo has been transformed into a landscape cut through by streams and planted with swaths of grass beds and tall grasses to simulate the marshlands Nepal. Sambar, one of Asia’s biggest deer, roam free in the area and surprise visitors with their sudden appearances up close.

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Night Safari Map:

singapore night safari Singapore Night Safari

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