Nyepi 2013

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Nyepi 2013nyepi 300x163 Nyepi 2013

When: Every March,march12 2013 exact date depends on the approximation using Saka Calendar

Where: Bali, Indonesia



Nyepi 2012 was celebrated last March 23. Hindus living in Bali maintain two calendars, the Pawukon and the lunar calendar Saka. The latter has 12 months and 35 days, with each month ending in a new moon. The New Year is celebrated on the new moon at the end of the 9th month, which falls on March or April.Hinduism believes that the combination of Purusa and Pradana (soul and matter, respectively) create certain tendencies in the humankind: the Chitta (positive characteristics) and the Klesa (demon-like qualities). Nyepi is a reminder to eliminate Klesa and cultivate Chitta.

About the Event:

Nyepi 2013 obliges the Hindu faithful to purge the wrongdoings they did in the past year and to prepare their Purusa and Pradana for the coming year by reflective introspection.

To do this, the Hindus in Bali perform the Melasti, a purification ritual held 3-4 days before the New Year in Pura Segara (a Balinese purification temple). Then, to vanquish the negative elements that surround humankind, the Bhuta Yajna ritual is performed: Demonic statues called “ogoh-ogoh” made from bamboo and paper are paraded around town and then burned in another ritual called Ngrupuk. This is all to remind Hindus that they need to cleanse their bodies and soul from malevolent spirits.

Next year, the “Day of Silence” falls on March 12.

On the day of Nyepi itself, Hindus are prohibited from making noise, lighting fires, working, indulging in pleasure or entertainment, traveling, talking and, in some very devout households, eating, from 6AM to 6AM the next day. This day is reserved for quiet introspection, so doing anything that might interfere with it is strictly prohibited.

Non-Hindus in Bali respect this Day of Silence observed by their fellow residents. Thus, even travelers are prohibited from making revelry or noise outside their hotels. Pecalang, the traditional security men who roam the streets and enforce the prohibitions, are the only people expected outdoors.

On the day after Nyepi, families and friends gather to seek forgiveness from one another, share sweets, and collectively perform religious rituals.

Travel Tips:

Because Nyepi 2013 is observed region-wide, tourist establishments manned by non-Hindus will have to abide. Restaurants and other outdoor establishments that accommodate social functions close on this day. Even airports and transport hubs are inactive, except when emergencies require fast transport. Any plans for lengthy trips, joyous celebrations and bacchanalian activities may have to be postponed if scheduled on the days leading to Nyepi.

On the other hand, travelers who long for much-needed silence may find that traveling to Bali during the Nyepi celebrations is conducive to their plans. After all, having a good time (the Western way) can be done any other day.

Final Thoughts:

Bali is an exotic place to enjoy bacchanalian pleasures, but lest every traveler forgets, it has an ancient understanding of spirituality that continues to be actively practiced until today.

A very warm wishes to everyone celebrating Nyepi in 2013.!may god shower you  all with loads of happiness and blessings.!

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