Old Town Autumn Festival 2012

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The Music and Arts in Old Town Autumn Festival – Altstadt Autumn Festival, Dusseldorf

When it happens: 13th – 24th September 2012 (Yet to be confirmed Later)
Where it happens: Dusseldorf,Germany

                Old Town Autumn Festival, Dusseldorf is  the better known name for the Altstadt Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is a massive and one of the finest events held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Dusseldorf is a renowned international business and financial centre for its trade and fashion fairs. Dusseldorf is widely known for its music and arts, most especially its pioneering influence on electronic music. With the event held on such a booming city, expect one of finest numerous events held every year.

Known as Altstadtherbst in German, the Old Town Autumn Festival, Dusseldorf attracts around thousands of people and the event takes place for more than two weeks during September. Musical and theatrical performances take place along with classical entertainment. The event is made to be dynamic and enjoyable each year due to the ever changing selection of artists to produce new and lively performances and entertainment each year.

Several genres of music and entertainment are present in the event. Performances are usually held in churches, large theatre tents, industrial room, or several other unusual play sites conducive for exhilarating and innovative artistic entertainment for the massive amount of audience. Interesting to note, several performances come from a variety of level as well. From professional performances to off-beat experimental performances, anything new will be expected every year but the one thing is most certain: There will always be fun and excitement for everyone!

Japanese and Chinese arts and cultural dances are among the highlights of the event along with several genres of music and entertainment such as Opera and Dance Theatre. A mixture of diverse cultures and timeless genre of music and entertainment orchestrated in a dynamic yearly event defines this truly spectacular event.

Dusseldorf is home to a large number of Japanese. In fact, they also have a so-called Japan Day held every year. Dusseldorf is among the cities with the highest quality of life. Needless to say, the residents and the event planners all around the city need not be shy and they have that kind of luxury to celebrate such glorious event  ̶  The Old Town Autumn Festival, Dusseldorf.

In The Old Town Autumn Festival, Dusseldorf, there is no boundary between music, culture, and the visual arts  ̶  everything is timeless. You may hear the familiar sounds from the distant past, like Mozart, to artsy jazz music as well as modern music from popular European bands. To celebrate Altstadtherbst is a unique experience that will leave a most pleasant aftertaste, making you remember it and anticipate what’s in store for next year. It does not matter if you are local or a travelling guest. All that matters is you would definitely want to come back the next year.


Altstadt Autumn Festival

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