Onam Festival Kerala 2012 India

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Onam Festival Kerala 2012 India

            Onam Kerala 2012 is a ten day festival of songs, dances, boat races, food, and a lot of exotica that you can take to commemorate the arrival of the legendary King Mahabali. It is harvest festival that is rich in culture and heritage. This year, the Onam Kerala will be celebrated on the 29th of August in Kerala, southern part of India. It is celebrated to give thanks for the blessings that nature has given the people.

The Onam Kerala 2012 is prepared for as much as ten day. People clean their homes and decorate their threshold with a’pookalam’, a flower mat. Each and every individual put on new clothes and serve popular delicacies at the feasting. One of the delicacies that you should try is the rice pudding known as payasam. Pujas or religious rituals take place in them temples and homes. You can also enjoy the grand processions where dancers, musicians and caparisoned elephants wend their way through villages and towns. They are often accompanied by the cheering crowds and fireworks.

If there is one thing you should not miss about the Onam Kerala 2012, it is the grand feast known as Onasadya. Onasadya is prepared on Thiruonam. It is a meal composed of nine meals that features 11 to 13 dishes and is served on a banana leaf by tradition. You can try this elaborate and varied cuisine at quality hotels in Trivandrum. They often have specials during the occasion. You should also watch the vallamkali which involves boat races and Kathakali performances. The town of Aranmulai and Kottayam are famous for their Onam boat races.

There are two most important days during the Onam Kerala 2012 – the first and the last day. The first day is known as Atham, and is considered as a lucky day since it marks the beginning of the Onam. The most significant feature of this day is the making of the flower mat to welcome the spirit of Mahabali. The pookalam is made by girls while the boys gather flowers needed to make the flower mat. Every day, flowers are added to the mat resulting to a very large pookalam on the last day. The last day is known as the Thiruonam when the whole town is filled with flowers and people makes Onam wishes to everyone. On this day, you can see conical figures of sticky clay painted red. These figures are decorated with water and rice-flour and can be seen on prominent places of the house or in front of the yard.

Another great feature of the Onam Kerala 2012 is the various Onam dances performed during the course of the celebration. You will see some of the prominent performances such as the Mask dance. With a lot of things to do and see, you will surely have a great time during this marvellous occasion.


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