Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain

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Beat the Raging Bulls in Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain

San Fermin Fiesta 2012
When it happens: July 6 to 14
Where it happens: Pamplona, Spain


            The Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain is a practice that involves running in front of a dozen of bulls that are let loose on a subset of the streets of the town. It is a famous seven-day festival performed by professionals and people who are 18 years or older. It aims to transport the bulls from the offsite corrals where them to the bullring where they will be killed during the night. In order to show their bravado, you will see youngsters jumping among the bulls.

According to Spanish traditions, men transport their cattle to be sold in the market. In order to speed to process, they hurry the cattle using tactics of excitement and fear. At the present time, it has turned into a competition as young adults race in front of the bulls in attempt to lead them into their pens without being overhauled. Before the event, a set of iron or wooden barricades are erected to direct the bulls along a route and to block the streets. In case of danger, runners are allowed to quickly exit through a double row of barricades.

About the Festival

The Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain is the most popular in the country and is broadcasted by national television channels. Held every year from July 6 to 14, it is the highest profile event of the San Fermin Festival. The first bull running will be held on the 7th day of July and will be followed every morning at 8 AM during the entire duration of the festival. Participants are required to be at least 18 years of age and to run in the same direction as the bulls. They should also be not under the influence of any alcoholic beverages.

Travel Tips

If you wish to watch the Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain, you can stand behind the barricades that mark the route of the bull-run. You also need to arrive around 6:30 in the morning in order to get the best spots to overlook directly the entire event. One good spot is in front of the museum on Santo Domingo. There is no barricade however the best spots are usually taken before 6 am. A great option for you is to watch from a balcony. You may be lucky to meet someone who will allow you to watch at their terrace. You can also go to the bullring and watch the end.

If you are tired of watching the bull-run, you can also escape to the beach in San Sebastian. That is a good place to build up your strength after the Pamplona Bull Festival, Spain. You can drive up the beautiful valley of Bidassoa to the village of Lesaca. You can also have a picnic alongside the river of Puenta La Reina. The festival is a good time for you to experience the Hispanic culture and landscape.

The dates for  San Fermin Fiesta 2013 are Expected to be around July 2nd week 2013 (yet to be confirmed.)

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