Perth International Arts Festival 2013

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When: February 8 to March 2, 2013

Where: Perth, Australia


Founded in 1953 by the University of Western Australia, the Perth International Arts Festival (February) is considered the oldest international multi-disciplinary arts festival in the southern hemisphere. Ever since, it has launched up and coming artists and welcomed the performances of international artists as well. The Arts Festival celebrates the achievements of artists from all artistic genres: literature, theater, music, film, visual and street arts, opera, dance and large-scale public works.HLJHLJH4 n Perth International Arts Festival 2013

This festival is billed as the highlight of summer in Perth and is touted as the largest of arts festival ever in this part of the world. As the oldest annual festival to date, the organizers are proud with the depth and breadth of the festival coverage when it comes to celebrating this area of human experience. As a result, the Perth International Arts Festival (February) is not only a national affair, but has also become an international phenomenon.

About the Event

Starting February 8 to March 2, 2013, the Perth International Arts Festival (February) will delight not only the artistically inclined, but most importantly, families and the young. The festival celebrates the creativity of artists from various disciplines. The festival highlights include literature, operas (both classical and contemporary), music and dance (both classical and contemporary), theater and film, street and visual arts, and large-scale public works. More interesting, the festival is not only a spectator event. There is a plethora of workshops and interactive projects that artists, both young and old, can take part in to celebrate and express their own artistic freedom in hugely participated and exciting venues all over Perth.

While the focus of the festivities are the performing artists and their crafts, the Perth International Arts Festival (February) is, equally important, an opportunity to educate the young and entertain the families. As such, the festival is strongly supported by the local government and, on the national level, the Department of Education.

To date, the event has attracted a yearly visitor of 300,000 travelers and residents.

Travel Tips

Perth is one of the country’s (and the world’s) most livable city, and earns its more-than-modest share of mainstream travelers regardless of the time of the year. On this month, however, Perth is virtually transformed into a mecca for artists of all colors and creed, so expect that there will be tight competition for accommodation and transport.

For travelers who want to let out all their repressed artistic tendencies, the Perth International Arts Festival (February) is the perfect excuse to express individuality in all its manifestations.


Perth has its own roster of tourist attractions, so schedule your vacation on the month of February to experience world-class artistry and exotic sights: Enjoy the local flavor by day, and take in all the sights of the festivities after sundown.


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