Poryong Mud Festival – Boryeong Mud Festival

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Beauty and Mud-ness at the Poryong Mud Festival, South Korea

Poryong Mud Festival 2012-보령머드축제-2012-Boryeong Mud Festival

When: 2nd Weekend of July 2012
Where: Poryong, South Korea


The Poryong Mud Festival, South Korea is held in mid-July every year. It is an unusual event that is a bit of a misnomer since it is held near Taechon Beach. However, the mud for the event comes from Poryong and is assumed to be brimming with minerals that are good for the skin. It is believed to get rid of excess oils, reduce wrinkles, and help in stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

The discovery of these minerals in 1996 prompted cosmetic companies to start the festival in 1998 to promote the beauty benefits of mud. If you want to have a healthy glowing skin in a fun way, the festival is the best opportunity for you to be cheerful and radiant.       

About the Festival

            Poryong Mud Festival, South Korea is a festival for everybody who has gone through life being reprimanded by assiduous mothers not to get involved in mud fights. This annual celebration is a godsend to those who people who have not enjoyed what it is like to have fun and get dirty. This is the ultimate opportunity for you to cover your family, friends and yourself with mud without worrying what other people will say. This is a great time to lurch in gunk and get grubby. It is held at the peak of Summer along the west coast of South Chungcheong province. It attracts hundreds to thousands of mud-crazy visitors.

The main highlight of the Poryong Mud Festival, South Korea is the mud baths. However, they are not the only feature that this celebration has to offer. You can also watch or join in other interesting competitions such as mud sculpture making contest, mud body painting contest, mud massages, and mud beauty pageant. For the duration of the celebration, the Taechon Beach becomes a vast place of mud massage rooms, mud slides, mud baths, and many more.          

Travel Tips

            There are many other things to do during the Poryong Mud Festival, South Korea. You can dance with the music in the streets while covered with mud. You will see local musicians dressed in traditional Korean wardrobe as they strike their drums and create a lively beat. The city is known for its beaches and its cosmetic properties. There are also a number of small islands that you can visit through a ferry at the port. Other activities include a mud marathon, mud obstacle course, and mud boot camp where participants are required to perform military training exercises. For the benefit of the patrons, you can hear loudspeakers.

During the night, you can enjoy fireworks display on the beach, attend parties and band concerts, and dance all over the place. All of these are done with mud. The only thing that has no mud is the Korean cuisine served at restaurants. If you want to go home, you can purchase mudpacks. The festival is a cultural event that will surely let you enjoy every little mud.

The dates for  Poryong Mud Festival  2013 are Expected in Mid-July 2013 (yet to be confirmed.)

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