Qingming Festival – 清明节 2013

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Celebrating the Dead during the Qingming Festival 

Qingming Festival – 清明节 2013

When it happens: April 4 2013

Where it happens: China


The Qingming Festival is based on the story of a man names Jie Zitui. Jie Zitui is a faithful servant of Duke Wen. He even prepared his master a meat soup made of his own thigh as a sacrifice. Wen promised Jie a reward if he were to become King because of his loyalty. But, Jie did not want any reward. Instead, he lived in the forest with his mother. Wen looked for him and ordered his servants to burn the forest to force him out. Unfortunately, the fire killed Jie. Full of remorse, Wen asked the villagers not to use fire and eat cold food for three days to honour Jie’s death.

About the Festival:

The Qingming Festival 2013 is also known as Tomb Sweeping Day. It is celebrated depending on the decision of the family as long as its falls between March 21 and April 4. Many Chinese, however, celebrate this day on the 4th of April. It is a Chinese festival celebrated by sweeping and cleaning the tombs of the Chinese ancestors. Some countries also refer to the festival as the Chinese Memorial day, Ancestors Day, Cheng Beng, and Pure Brightness Festival.

The Qingming Festival is celebrated by eating cold food. However, at the present time it has developed into offering of food and drinks, giving of expensive gifts, and cleaning of the tombs. All these things are done to honour the deceased ancestors. Another way of celebrating the festival is putting a willow branch on the gates and doors of the houses to cast away evil spirits. However, the most awaited way of celebrating the festival is flying kites. You can see small lanterns attached to the kites as they make cheerful flickers across the night sky.

Travel Tips: In order to fully enjoy the Qingming Festival , there are some travel tips you should remember when visiting China. First, do not drink the tap water in your hotel. Always drink bottled or sterilized water. Always prepare changes when you go out of your hotel to buy some things on the street. Wear not too extravagant clothing and leave your jewelleries at the hotel. Do not show off your wad of cash in public places as well.

Conclusion: Chinese from different parts of the world celebrate the Qingming Festival  as an occasion of family reunion. This is a great time for you to spend time with your loved ones and cherish your relationship with one another. You can visit your departed ancestors and pay respects as well by bringing food, drinks and flowers. It is never a bad idea to celebrate the dead every once in a while.


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