Quebec Winter Carnival 2013

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Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 -  Carnaval de Québec

When it happens: First half of February(February 1-17, 2013)

Where it happens: Quebec City, Canada


Feasting on the weeks leading up to the Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday has long been a religious tradition among devout believers in the Old World, in preparation for the 40-day abstinence or Lent that lay ahead. There are many variations on this kind of religious purification ritual, from which the Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 is based upon.

Ever since the beginning of Quebec as a French colony, the Quebecois have learned to deal with the hardships of the winter and embrace it as an integral component of their way of life, not as something they need to resist against. As a result, they have adapted boisterous and merry ways to celebrate the end of winter and the coming of Lent, a tradition that formally started in 1894 in the world’s snow capital.

Over the years, the Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 has evolved to become one of the most glittering and glamorous ice festivals around the world. The event has been held sporadically since then, interrupted by the war years and the Great Depression of 1929. The Carnival was formally re-launched in 1954 to help spur the economic development initiatives in the Old Capital.

The next year, in 1955, the first official celebrations in the 20th century were held.

From then on, the Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 attracted significant attendance to be considered one of the great ice festivals in the world.

About the Event:

The festivities were historically held during the last week of January until the early weeks of February. The present edition is scheduled to take place on February 1-17, 2013 in the Upper City of Quebec.

The Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 is a highly anticipated family-oriented event. While most activities are designed to draw the adult crowd, kiddie attractions are not left out. Ice slides, snow rafting and sculptures, sleigh rides, and skating are just some of the fun things that children can spend their energies on during the 17-day festivities. Last year, a giant Ferris Wheel was set up in the Winter Theme Park.

It is inevitable that ice sports would grow out of the Carnival. Some of the sports championships for canoeing on ice, snowboarding, hockey and dog-sledding are held during the festivities, including the requisite International Snow Sculpture Contest and night parades.

The Bikini Snow Bath is something not to be missed.

 Travel Tips:

Sub-zero temperatures should not discourage the faint of heart to venture outdoors. Hence, it is important to pack up appropriate clothing for the trip: layers of clothes, water-proof outer garments and snow boots are the top three travel essentials. After all, there will be a lot of walking involved in and around the Ice Palace.

Stash children in their strollers when the family gets to the venues. It might be tiring for children to keep up with adults in snow, so better have their transport ready.

A good balance of indoor (think ballroom dances and after-parties) and outdoor (dog-sledding, snowboarding and night parades) activities will provide the necessary insulation to withstand frigid temperatures.

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Where to stay during your travel to Quebec,

The Quebec Winter Carnival 2013 is a great way to burn stored energy for kids and adults alike and have fun in the process.

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