Raksha Bandhan 2012 India

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 Raksha Bandhan 2012 India

            Raksha Bandhan India is a festival observed to commemorate the relationship between sisters and brothers. Raksha Bandhan means bond of protection, and is also called as Rakhi Purnima in some parts of India. The main ceremony includes the tying of the sacred thread known as rakhi to the wrist of a sister or a brother. It symbolizes the love and prayers of the sister for the well being of her brother. It also symbolizes the eternal promise of the brother to protect his sister. The festival is held on the day of the full moon in the month of Shravan/August

Raksha Bandhan India is marked by the tying of the sacred thread that comes in various colours and designs. The sister ties the rakhi to her brother’s wrist and in return, he gives her gifts and vows to look after her as she offers him sweets. Traditionally, the brother offers an envelope filled with money to his sister. However, other presents may also be given such as clothing and saris. They will then feed each other with sweets that include Burfi, Katli, Kaju, and Jalebi. In addiotn, since cousins also give a similar status to siblings, females also tie the rakhi to their male cousins. Adopted brothers can also be tied with rakhis as long as they promise to protect their adoptive sister.

Raksha Bandhan India is a great time to show fraternity and affection.  You can enjoy the gatherings, exchange of sweets, sing and dancing to celebrate the sacred relation between siblings. This festival is a great way to show your beloved sibling how much you treasure him. On the day of the festival, you will see women preparing the thread and praying in front of God. You will also women chanting mantras and putting roli and rice on the forehead of her brother as she prays for his well being.

This festival has been celebrated in the same way for many years. However, due to the changing lifestyle, the means has become more lively and elaborate. This day you can feel an inherent power that pulls you and your siblings together. This is a great day to hold a joyous meeting and feel the sense of kinship in such a massice celebration. The more you are away from you siblings, the more you will desire to be together. You should reach out to your brothers and sisters on this favourable day.

The Raksha Bandhan India is a great opportunity for you to reunite and celebrate. You can taste delicious dishes and sweets as well as exchange gifts. It is the best time to share your experiences as well. If you are unable to meet with your siblings, you can also send them rakhi cards. E-rakhis are also a great way to send rakhi messages. You can also have hand-made and self made rakhis to represent your personal feelings for your siblings.


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