Rath Yatra Puri 2013

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Noxious Procession at the Rath Yatra Puri

Rath Yatra Puri 2013

When it happens: July 10 2013
Where it happens:
Orissa, India


The Rath Yatra Puri started in the time of Svarochisha Manu and continued until the second half of the lifetime of Lord Brahma. It is believed that when Lord Rama was getting ready to leave the world, he told the younger brother of Vibhishan Ravana to worship the Lord of Iksvaku dynasty, Lord Jagannatha, in his absence. Since then, the festival is celebrated to hour the Lord Jagannatha. Many also believe that the festival is of Buddhist origin where the chariot of Buddha was being pulled along the public roads.

About the Festival:

The Rath Yatra Puri is celebrated on the second day in the bright fortnight of the month of Ashad. This 2013, it falls on the 10th day of July. It is an unbelievable car festival where millions of people from around the world go to Puri in the state of Orissa in India. It commemorates the visit of lord Jagannatha’s yearly visit to the temple of Gundicha mata through the Mausi Maa temple.

The festival is celebrated by decorating chariots to resemble the structures of the temples and they are pulled through the streets. This is the only day when devotees who are not allowed to enter the temple can get a glimpse of the deities. You can help pull the chariot of the Lord using ropes. This is a pious deed of risking your life in such a huge crowd. The procession is accompanied by songs, drums, trumpets and tambourines.

Travel tips:

The Rath Yatra Puri attracts a massive number of people during the festival. Thus, it imposes a great risk in safety. Lives are often lost during the procession due to the huge number of people. It is important that you take extra careful. The event is also televised. So, if you want to prevent yourself from being crushed under the chariots, just lay back and relax. In addition, there are many other features of Puri you can enjoy such as its beaches. The beaches in Puri are some of the most amazing white beaches in the country where pilgrims and swimmers both enjoy. Although it is pretty exciting to surf in the area, the undercurrent can be a bit tricky.

Final Thoughts:

The Rath Yatra Puri is a great time for all devotees to celebrate. It is a great opportunity for others to experience the things they are not allowed to during other pious festivals. However, the safety issue of the event should be addressed immediately.

The festival should be remembered because of the devotion of the people all over the world and not the number of people lost. The death of pilgrims should be minimized if not prevented. There are a lot of things you can do to repent for your sins, so it is important that you stay alive and express your devotion.   

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