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A Very Happy Birthday on Renri

When it happens: January 7

Where it happens: China and other regions influenced by the Chinese culture

History: According to Dong Xun of the Jin Dynasty, different animals were created on seven days. On the seventh day, humans were created. Hence, the tradition of the birthday of humans known as Renri started. A legend also tells that the goddess Nuwa who created the world created the animals on different days. She created the humans on the seventh day.   

About the Festival: Renri is a Chinese festival that refers to the special day when humans were born, according to Chinese legends. It is celebrated mostly in China and some other regions influenced by the Chinese culture on the 7th day of the first month of the Chinese calendar known as Zhengyue.

The Chinese people have a different way of celebrating the festival. They wear rensheng or ginseng on their heads or sliced gold on folded screen and their head. They also compose songs. Emperors even provide beautiful clothing to his followers during the Han to Jin dynasties. If the weather is fine during this day, the Chinese believe that God will grant them good luck. So, they light fireworks to commemorate the birthday of fire, too. They also avoid punishing the prisoners during this day. Renri is now celebrated as part of the Chinese New Year. They prepare lucky food including the seven-vegetable congee and seven-vegetable soup. The Singaporean Chinese, on the other hand, prepare seven-coloured sliced fish rather than the seven-vegetable soup. It is also customary to prepare noodles to promote longevity.

The Japanese people have also their own way of celebrating this festival. They festival is known as Jinjitsu in Japan. It is celebrated on January 7 and is also known as the feast of seven herbs. This came from their custom of eating seven-herb kayu in order to ensure good health for the upcoming year.

Travel Tips: If you are planning to celebrate the Chinese New Year in China or any other Chinese influenced regions, there are some things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you are not allowed to kill or eat animals created on their respective days. Avoid travelling by rail during this time since they can get very crowded. You do not want to be confined in one corner with people speaking a different language around. You should also bring with you warm clothing. Although some parts of China are warm by day, they can be freezing during the night.

 Renri is a very happy celebration that you should not miss. You can witness a lot of things from a number of unique, scrumptious delicacies to colourful celebrations on the streets. It is a great time to be thankful of the life you had and hope for the best for the years to come. It would be more convenient if the most efficient and cheapest way of transportation can be modified to provide more comfort to both locals and foreigners during this day.

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