Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July)

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When:  July 4 to July 14, 2013

Where: Mt.Lawley,Perth,Australia


Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July) was launched in 1997 to provide an avenue for a large body of ‘indie’ or independent films in such genres as documentaries, short and experimental films.

It was begun as a grassroots movement in the film industry and literally started at the bottom: The basement of the Greenwich Club inPerthwas where the indie film culture was first conceived and works showcased. Since then, the movement gained more ground and international renown as the film festival earned attendance from film luminaries from across the globe. To date, the film festival accepts an average of 400 entries a year, not only entries for the usual staple (films) but also entries for soundtrack and visual arts and. The film has also been an excellent staging ground for academic conferences on the present state of cinema and its impact on culture.

About the Event

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July) will be held at Mt. Lawley from July 4 to July 14, 2013. The programming is not that different from the Berlin Film Festival where new and undiscovered talents are given equal focus as those established in the field.

nternational Film Festiva Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July)

As with the European version, thePerth’s take on this film fest is to call for entries from international participants, and equally, local and regional entrants as well. Documentary films are one of the main categories of the film fest, along with short films, hybrid works, and up-and-coming styles. Luminaries in the cinema world have attended the event and provide not only critical insights into the works of the filmmakers themselves, but offer opportunities for talents to find markets in theUnited States, Europe andAustralia.

Entries in the film festival have been reproduced for mainstream exposure and are enjoying ongoing production in DVD or performances in theater.

Travel Tips

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July) is fast becoming the largest indie film fest in the southern hemisphere, despite its recent beginnings compared to illustrious film festivals inBerlinorCannes. Cinema aficionados may want to coincide their travel plans with the festival to enjoy the cinema culture inAustraliawhile enjoying the sights and perks thatPerthhas to offer. Being a livable city,Perthhas sufficient tourist infrastructure to accommodate the influx of travelers, but travelers would be well advised to book accommodation and transportation well ahead of the festival schedule.


The Revelation Perth International Film Festival (July) offers film aficionados with a creative outlet and international exposure, as well as opportunity for travelers to enjoy the international cinema culture with a decidedly Australian flavor.

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