RIFF Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2012

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Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2012

When: 26th – 30th October 2012
Jodhpur, RajasthanRajasthan International Folk Festival 300x281 RIFF Rajasthan International Folk Festival 2012

            If you are a folk music lover, you will surely enjoy the Rajasthan International Folk Festival or RIFF. RIFF You will also witness their creation of music by means of innovative collaborations and an interesting combination of folk and international music.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival is also known as the first folk festival of India celebrated annually to commemorate the traditional arts and folk music. It was first held last 2007, then, the RIFF community tried to renew the magic of folk music and art every year by collecting connoisseurs of arts and music from artists around the world. This beautiful folk music festival is held on the grand place of Mehrangarh Fort and features a variety of events such as gypsy and traditional dance performances, early morning ragas, a Jazz night, and a Rajasthani night. In addition, you should not miss the fest as the divine music flows through your soul and every corner of the fort will enchant you.

The Rajasthan International Folk Festival was established to help preserve the musical traditions of the largest state of India. You will surely enjoy the vibrant sounds and colours of every art form forms expressive dances to patterned textiles. They will definitely offset the bleakness of the desert that occupies a large amount of area in India. Held in the former palace that stands high above the town, you will have the best view of your life as you see the indigo hue of the cubic houses of the blue city. In addition, you will be breathless on the sight of courtyards and arches transformed into candlelit venues. With the brightest full moon of the year, this is a great time for the intimate gathering of thousands of music lovers.

The unique thing about Rajasthan International Folk Festival is the specially commissioned collaborations of great musicians for a once in a lifetime performance. You can bask in the air of spiritually as you listen to a beautiful soundtrack and wait for the movement of the sun and the moon. You should also look forward to the performance of artists with brilliantly named instruments such as kartal, dholak, morchacng and gungaroo. Clearly, this collaboration of old and new music styles disregards all notions of time.

October is a very high-spirited time in India. It is the time when the monsoon rains have lightened in most parts of the country. It is the time when the festival season is at its best. Come to India and experience a vacation filled with music, dance and lights in Rajasthan International Folk Festival.


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