Rio Carnival 2013

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 Rio Carnival 2013

 When it happens: February or March(9th  to 12th February 2013)

 Where it happens: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Rio Carnival 2013 had its beginnings in 1723 when Portuguese immigrants introduced the “Entrudo” where people got out on the streets and soaked each other with water and mud in fair play. These publicly approved brawls and riots kept evolving until the 1840s when carnival balls, street parades and horse-pulled floats first made entry into the scene. Towards the end of the 19th century, the carnival has become a working man’s festivity and often an outlet with which the masses expressed their dissatisfaction with their country’s politics.

About the Event

Rio de Janiero is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination not only for its breathtaking natural beauty (the bay in which it sits is truly inspiring) and cinematic cityscape, but also because it is the haven of everything laid back and indulgent. It has risen to the ranks of the world’s popular tourist sites, thanks in large part to the world’s largest festival and street parade – the Rio Carnival 2013.

The Guinness Book of World Record lists it as the ultimate yardstick with which other world festivals and celebrations are measured against. Apparently, nothing has yet dethroned the Brazilians.

Revelers can cavort and frolic with unrestrained abandon as they flow with the tide of humanity dancing to the tunes of samba, rhumba and merengue. If the Rio Carnival 2013 were a sauce, it would be salsa – very hot and extremely spicy.

The four-day event is not only highlighted by the street parade that culminates in the behemoth stadium known as the ‘sambadromo.” Every day, there are Carnival Balls to attend to, Samba School Nights and Street Bands. The Samba Parade is of course the biggest of them all, and the colorful tapestry it makes once teams enter the Sambadrome is visual delight overload.

There is no other festival on a massively grand scale as carnal and bacchanalian as Rio’s.  It starts on a Saturday and ends on a Tuesday (the Mardi Gras), and each day brings with it approximately two million people. The streets are unforgiving and thronged, and the floats are as awe-inspiring and larger-than-life, a reminder that here in Brazil, people take revelry very seriously.

The streets of Rio will be flooded with color and overwhelmed with samba beats on February 9 to 12.

Travel Tips:

Getting accommodation and going from point A to point B in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the Carnival is going to be one steep hill to climb. So while it is party galore on the streets, accept the fact that there will be some inevitable difficulties to encounter.

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Where to stay during your travel to Rio de Janeiro,

The Rio Carnival 2013 is billed as the biggest party on earth, and it makes a good excuse to be wild and careless and unrestrained in all manners of indulgences to shake free the stresses of modern life.


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