Rock Am Ring 2013 – Germany

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Jamming with the Famous at Rock Am Ring, Germany

Rock Am Ring 2013

When it happens: June 7 – 9 2013
Where it happens:
Nürburgring Racetrack, West of Germany


Originally, Rock Am Ring, Germany was planned as a one-time event to celebrate the inauguration of a newer and shorter version of the track in the year 1985. However, it was decided to make it an annual event because of its commercial success that garnered approximately 75,000 audiences. The festival was stopped for two years after a massive decline of attendance in the year 1988. It returned in 1991 with a new concept and featured famous event organizers, artists, and bands.     

About the Festival:

The Rock Am Ring, Germany is a rock music festival celebrated simultaneously with Rock Im Park. It will be held on June 7 to 9, 2013 in Germany to celebrate the inauguration of the track, built in 1985. The two festivals are regarded as event where all artists perform at the Rock Am Ring on a day and at the rock Im Park on another. Together, it is the largest musical event in Germany and one of the largest in the world, gathering over 150,000 audiences and selling out tickets in advance. This is an annual event that you should pay a visit to witness two of the most outstanding events in the country.      

Travel tips:

The Rock Am Ring, Germany tickets are usually sold out in a week advance. If you want to witness the biggest rock festival in Europe, you need to plan ahead. Also, you need to follow certain travel guidelines that will help you enjoy the festival to the fullest. First, you need to know that Germans enjoy a handshake. So, it is better to shake the hands of the people you will meet during the festival and give them a good eye contact.

Germans are very punctual people, so you may want to arrive before the festival starts. Do not be offended when the German people are being straightforward. They do not intend to insult you. They are just direct and speak their mind immediately. Lastly, if you ever get invited to a German home, be polite and get them a gift. Wine or flowers are good examples of gifts for the household. You should also say Guten Appetit or Mahlzeit before eating. In addition, eat everything on your plate or they will think that you did not enjoy your food.

Final Thoughts: The Rock Am Ring, Germany is a great time for rock music lovers. Putting up camps, eating barbecues and drinking beers are surely some of the things that makes one enjoy youth and freedom. However, the unfamiliarity of the crowd to the songs of the playing bands is what makes the event unfavourable. It would be great if bands are to play their famous songs or lyrics are to be projected on stage. Overall, you sure are going to rock in roll at this massive event.

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