Sapparo Snow Festival 2013 – Japan

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Ice Castles and Dazzling Princesses in Sapparo Snow Festival, Japan

Sapparo Snow Festival 2013-(さっぽろ雪まつり )Sapporo Yuki-matsuri-2013

When it happens: February 5 – 11 2013
Where it happens:
Sapparo, Japan


The Sapparo Snow Festival, Japan began in the year 1950 when six high school students built snow statues in Odori park. After 5 years, the Self-Defense forces of Japan joined and built large snow sculptures for which the festival became well-known. Since then, a number of snow festivals were hold. However, it stopped when the World War II began. It was brought again and is featured in various sister cities of Sapparo.

About the Festival:

Celebrated on Februray 5 to 11, the Sapparo Snow Festival, Japan is a festival that is very much practiced in Saparro, Japan. Over 2 million of people gather to see the wonderful snow creation every year. Some of the common ice sculptures you can see include palaces, sceneries, and statues drawn out from fairytales. You can also watch artists as they create legends out of the blocks of ice. It is also a great opportunity for you to taste the local delicacies such as the famous sea foods of Hokkaido.

In order to accommodate more activities, the festival has extended to sister cities such as the Tsu Dome and Susukino. The former is known for long slides of snows for children, while the latter is famous for the Susukino Queen of ice, a beauty contest for women. Lasting for seven days, the festival showcases as much as 400 ice sculptures. The sculptures are lit up during the night with the use of special lights. This makes the Obra Maestra more pleasing to the eyes. There are also snow stages for musical and dance concerts.

Travel tips:

If you our out for a few drinks during the Sapparo Snow Festival, Japan, be careful of mixing sake with whiskey, cognac or any western-style alcoholic beverages. The mix of any can be very dangerous, even lethal. You can drink sake, and then followed by beer. However, never mix the spirits with sake. If you are a man, you may experience tout. Tout is a very persistent salesman. Never follow him to his bar or you will a very expensive amount. Another important tip you need to remember is the use of ATMs. ATMS on the street do not accept cards that are not issued in Japan. The best place to get your money is at the postal ATMs.

Final thoughts: The Sapparo Snow Festival, Japan is the best destination during the winter. The hospitality of the people, the beautiful views, and the scrumptious food are all worth your time and money. The city is a safe place to visit. You do not have to worry. All you need to do is to remain calm and enjoy your stay. There is no other place that you would rather be in the winter than to see the beautiful ice sculptures of Japan.


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