Singapore Formula 1 2012

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Pleasure and Danger Goes Well in Singapore Formula 1 2012

When: September 21 to 23, 2012
Formula One 2012 Date:
The Singapore Formula 1 2012 is a motor race that is currently included in the Formula One World Championship. Held in Marina Bay, it includes many other events such as musical concerts, race themed events, exhibitions, parties, shopping, and dining experiences. The race was first organized in 1962, but was stopped due to oil prices, surges, increased traffic, on the road inconvenience, and fatal accidents. It came back to the sports scene in 2007 with the help of the Singaporean government and sponsors. This year, it will be held for three days starting on the 21st day of September until the 23rd, 2012.

Formula One 2012 schedule:
• Day One:
Friday, 21 September 2012 – Practice 1 and 2
• Day Two:
Saturday, 22 September 2012 – Practice 3 and Qualifying
• Day Three: Sunday, 10 June 2012 – Singapore Formula 1 2012 Race

Formula One 2012 Circuit: The Singapore Formula 1 2012 will be held in Marina Bay with 61 lapses and 5.067 km circuit length in a 192.066 miles race track. The style is similar to the Valencia Street Circuit and Monaco Grand Prix Circuit. It was designed by the KBR, Inc. following the original proposition of Hermann Tilke. The circuit is highly criticized by F1 racers due to the extremely bumpy and unforgiving circuit, especially in very hot weather. Racers are concerned about accidents that may occur due to the difficult and dangerous nature of the race track.

singapore grandprix Singapore Formula 1 2012

Expected in Formula One 2012: The Singapore Formula 1 2012 is sponsored by SingTel and co-funded by the Singaporean government. Famous racers participate in this exciting event including Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, and Fernando Alonso. The race turns into something more as you watch competitors race at the speeds of 360kph past famous landmarks. Drivers from the Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren Mercedes steer in high speeds at the glowing city of Singapore as they showcase mental and physical proficiency in the race. Aside from the race, there are many other events that may heat up your three-day vacation. You can attend parties, shop, dine, view exhibitions and concerts, and join race-themed events. This year, you can watch superstars perform including Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and other famous international artists from all over the world.

Singapore is a huge city known for modern subways and skyscrapers. If you ever visit for the Singapore Formula 1 2012, be sure to enjoy the glamorous experience offered by the country. It is also known as the cleanest of all cities, letting you drink and eat safely. You will definitely love the city and the people, making you wish to come back another time.

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