Singapore Shopping Festival 2012

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Singapore Shopping Festival 2012

 When: Late May to August

Where: Singapore City


Singapore has earned a reputation as the great shopping capital of Asia, and for good reason. Virtually every recognizable name brand has an offshore presence here, and coupled with Singapore’s stringent laws on consumer protection and preferential tariff extended to partner countries, Singapore became the shopping hotspot in Asia and one of the most vibrant in the world. In fact, an international survey recognized the city as one of the most affordable places to shop in the region despite strong presence of high-end name brands.Organized by the Singapore Retailer Association and endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board, the city capitalized on this fact and institutionalized shopping as part of its tourist draw 12 years ago. Since then, droves of tourists plan their visit to the city to coincide with the Singapore Shopping Festival 2012.


About the Event:sg shop 300x200 Singapore Shopping Festival 2012

‘Shop ‘til you drop’ is literally true on the occasion of Singapore Shopping Festival 2012. Retailers and shopkeepers in Singapore City have started slashing down prices last May 25, and will continue to offer tempting bargain prices (up to 70% discount on selected items) until July 22.

On any given day, Singapore City hustles and bustles with tourists eager to bring home a good deal. But on this particular period, shoppers get to enjoy massive discounts for virtually anything. Shopkeepers dig deep into their discount pockets for local crafts and merchandise sold at Lucy Plaza or Mustafa. Electronics and similar gadgets are offered at irresistible prices at Far East Plaza. The discriminating retail aficionado can strut his or her stuff through Orchard Road where Gucci and Louis Vuitton have claimed stall space for themselves. Holland Village is the destination of choice for shoppers who want to bring home antiques, music and art goods. Chinatown and Little India also join the festivities by offering their own unique brand of arts and crafts.

 Travel Tips:

Singapore is not only a haven of zero-tariff goods; it is also a foodie paradise. Plus, a $3 delicious meal is hard to beat by Western standards.

During the Singapore Shopping Festival 2012, ‘dry goods’ are not the only items up for grabs. Food stuffs also make their presence felt, and the Singapore Hawker Center should be on the food lover’s to-do list. This place is literally the melting pot of Asian cuisine: Cantonese, Hokkien, Indian, Malay and Filipino are well-represented. The East Coast Park is known for its crawfish, chili crab, or black pepper crab. The Lau Pa Sat Food Center has the spongiest ‘putu piring’ (rice cake) while the Zion Road Riverview Food Center, where Orchard Road office denizens converge for lunch, is well-loved for its ‘bak kut teh’ with steamed fish. The Adam Road Food Center is where the Malay and Indians serve dishes from home.


Final Thoughts:

The Singapore Shopping Festival 2012 is a retail addict’s nirvana. But more than just shopping, Singapore is also a place to get a plateful of Asian cuisine at ridiculously low prices.

Wish you all a Happy Shopping Experience this year in Singapore Shopping Festival 2012..!enjoy well..!

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