Skiing In Andorra

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Andorra: The Country of Snow Sports

            Andorra is a landlocked microstate located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains. It is bordered by France and Spain and is considered as the smallest country in Europe. Its capital, the Andorra la Vella, is the highest capital in Europe, being elevated at 3356 ft above sea level. Due to its location, the country consists mainly of rugged mountains.

The highest mountain is the Coma Pedrosa at 9653 ft. The country is divided by three narrow valleys in the shape of a Y that combine into one as the Gran Valira River. It has a continental and alpine climate. Due to its higher elevation, the country most experiences lower humidity, slightly cooler summer, and more snow in winter. Thus, the country is famous for the practice of Roller Hockey and Winter Sports.

Andorra Skiing Holidays

The ski holidays in the country have become very popular for the past few years. This is due to the fact that the area offers affordable snowboarding and ski deals. It also features world-class ski schools, breathtaking views, consistent snow coverage, and up-to-date facilities. It also boasts four amazing ski resorts, making the country a safe haven for both beginners and intermediates.

They offer state of the art facilities as well as incredible skiing terrains that will surely provide skiers of different level an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a cheap family ski holiday, then Andorra is the right place for you! The Arinsal & Pal resort offers impressive facilities for the children of your family. If you want a lively nightlife, you can also enjoy at the Pas la Casa. In addition, the place offers great value and duty-free shopping for everyone.

Advantages of Skiing In Andorra

            There are several advantages of celebrating skiing holiday in the Pyrenees. The biggest advantage is the slopes. They are a lot less crowded, making it more convenient for you to ride lifts. Another major advantage is the price of the facilities. Everything from ski passes and rentals to accommodation are cheaper that the bigger resorts. In addition, the Pyrenees are not as high as the ski areas in the Alps. There is also less snow.

However, all of the resorts near Spain have snow cannons located on their pistes. Thus, you can still enjoy the activities even when Mother Nature does not provide a lot of snow. The place is ideal for both beginner and intermediate snowboarders and skiers. They also offer excellent ski schools and a lively nightlife for partygoers. Moreover, they offer the biggest collection of après-ski activities.

Aside from the skiing experience, you should also try the Catalan cuisine that is popular with the locals. Catalan cuisine is made of barbecued and grilled meat, and is a reasonable meal in the evening.

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Where to stay during your travel to Andorra,

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