Skiing In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Skiing In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

            Jackson is a town home to the famous Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a major escape for millions of tourists that visit the nearby Yellow Stone National Park, National Elk Refuge and Grand Tenton National Park. It is also close to a number of ski resorts. One of the small yet challenging ski areas is the Snow King, and is located at the southeast edge of the town.

Snow King is the original ski hill in Jackson. It is night-lit and is characterized by steep vertical slopes. Another famous ski area is the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort which is located 12 miles northwest of the village. Jackson is host to a number of first rate art organizations such as the Centre of Arts, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and the Grand Tenton Music Festival. Another popular attraction is the large arches of shacked elk antlers at the four openings of the town square. The town is often mistaken as Jackson Hole when in fact it is just home to the geographic feature.

Jackson Hole weather

Jackson Hole, Wyoming experiences a humid continental climate that falls short of being categorized as subarctic climate. It gets more precipitation due to the location and elevation of the place in a humid microclimate. Thus, it gets much of the snow that the rest parts of Wyoming.

Ski holiday in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a valley that was opened in 1966. It has copious steep terrain as well as one of the highest vertical drops of 1262 meters on the entire continent. Originally called as Jackson’s Hole, it derives its name from the language used by early mountain men or trappers, who first entered the valley from the east and the north. They had to move down along the steep slopes, giving the feelings of entering a large hole. The low-lying valleys of the ski area are surrounded by maintains. They also contain streams and rivers that make good habitation to beavers and other fur-bearing animals.

The valley is formed by Gros Ventre Range on the east and Tenton Range on the west. The Grand Tenton national park also occupies the north-western portion taking in much of the Jackson Lake and the Tneton Range. The town is located at the southern end of the valet. Between the three lies the Glacier View Turnout that offers a great view of Tenton Glacier as well as the National Elk Refuge, home of the largest elks in the world.

The average altitude of the valley is 2000 meters. This causes the valley to become very cold during winter nights. The snow covered grounds make cold air that slides down to the valley. Fortunately, the temperature is mild in the summer.

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If you want to hop from one tourist attraction to another, then Jackson Hole, Wyoming is right for you!

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